Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mews of Changes & Other Things

Hi kitties!
As you can see, our 'new at blogging' meowmy was able to make some changes...with the help of a doggy Mom...thanks so much!
The weather is still colder than cold, though we did warm up just a tad, now its 9F. The sun was shining today, that was great, though it didn't do much for the roads, they are still slick.  All that sun was really blinding, too, reflecting off of the sun. Meowmy went to the eye-doc today to get checked for new glasses, and OMC, it sure was too bright...good thing they gave her those ugly dark things to put over her regular glasses, MOL!

And...the forecast is for more snow...and cold, cold, cold, continuing like for weeks, OMC, when will the spring arrive? It will have to warm up for many days to rid us of the mountains of snow along the roadsides and all the driveways. Meowmy asked pawppy where are they going to put any new snow??

But we are thankful that at least we know how to deal with it here, more or less...we don't even want to begin to imagine what it must have been like to be stuck in that storm in the southeast...
And then we watched that cruise ship come into dock...OMC, meowmy remembers when there was a norovirus outbreak at her work a year glad she wasn't on that cruise ship...and now she has no desire to go cruising, MOL!
So...we shall just go to our nests and be thankful for what good things we DO have, regardless of all of our grumbles, hisses and MIAOWS!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Yup, we need to MIAOW!
Its cold outside! The sun doesn't warm up much when it shows...and the snow, OMC!
There are very tall walls of snow piled up along the walks and driveway, so that even meowmy has a hard time looking over top of them...there isn't any room left to add more snow we need to MIAOW that all this cold and wintry stuff ends...but the weatherman dude says we are sure to be staying in the deep-freezer, aka Polar Vortex, for several more weeks...ack!
Schools and even some businesses are closed, sports have to be cancelled, um...we don't even think the ground hog will be able to find the exit hole to check for his shadow. And what about that Super Bowl Game?? OMC, It will be a Super Icicle game...
Meowmy went to the grocery store...8 miles from our semi rural den, and the roads were so very icy...and it seems that the delivery trucks are having their share of issues, too, some items were not there or in short supply.
Come and hiss and miaow to make this winter GO AWAY!

Then we can grumble about the heat, MOL!

Monday, January 27, 2014

WBS Mews & MJF Barks

Well, well! Finally a real blog for us kitties!
What a day here...whiteouts, windchills and big drifts...and roads that you could skate on. YIKES! At least the one advantage to the bad weather is that our pawrents get to stay home with us:))

Well, that's about all for now...
Purrs to all, stay warm, cozy and safe!