Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mews, Oppurnions and Confursions

What a windy day it was yesterday.
Our snow covered yard is bestrewn with all kinds of bits and pieces of branches…like sprinkles on a cake.
And right in the middle of this snow is a broken in half butterfly:(
It was supposed to have been permanently attached to the tree it was decorating…but the wind decided to wrestle with it and it won:(
So meowmy felt kind of sad, this butterfly was a gift from our Auntie, and it was up there for many years already. Well, now we shall have to help the economy by getting another from some local garden shop…and a good fastener, too, MOL!

At least we have not had to watch snowflakes lately…last time was Feb19th…and we even got to bask in a few sun puddles, and today again. Hooray!

We still have our snow mountains though…but now they are ice mountains, because we had more than a few buckets of rain pouring down on them on the 19th…after a dumping of about 2-3 inches of new snow…we are glad we do not have to be out there…

And there IS hope…meowmy has heard and even seen Robins! Go figure! (sorry, tabbies...)
Pipo wants to purr his two paws worth:

I am so good at snoopervising and leading my pawppy around our den, why he even deigns to follow me!
And when he rewards me with a chin scritch he has to bend over a bit…so then I hop up on his shoulders/back to get a ride.
Or I might decide its a good warm shelf to curl up on…Hmmpfff, he always stands up so I have to get off…sigh…

And pawppy was lamenting the fact that he had to throw away a nice white usb cord…all chewed up he said…and he glared at me.OMC! I am a good 4-paws. I only beat up dog-guy to protect my kitty brofur Minko…oh and I hiss at meowmy when she tries to brush my teeth,,,shucks thats so undignified, why should I have to suffer that brush with yucky kitty toothpaste on it, why its not like its  catnip flavored or tuna.
Well, I have to go and see if there are any noms…purrs!


And naughty Minko wants to confurs a bit:

The other day when the sun peered out briefly it warmed up my snack!
Well, there was a fly in the windowsill, and meowmy hadn’t been around to clean yet…so said fly awoke…buzzed and splat, it were MINE! I savored evfurry morsel!

Then a few hours later after I had some so called real noms, I put a big barfy on the carpet right beside pawppy’s chair…meowmy said that fly must have kept on buzzing inside of me, MOL!

I like to sit on the desk when meowmy is there being my typist. Well yesterday I was there relaxing, and she was jostling a bit to do her catretarial duties…so I mrouwed, ‘NO, I want to relax and you are bothering me’, so I chomped down on her wrist…she said ‘Ouch’ and I was evicted…
Well, today I paid her back….

Meowmy has a little music player beside her desk on the end table…and its computerized so it has a usb cord…I tried to snack on that worm…but all I got was a big ‘NO’ and a shooing away…now that cord is all covered up. Dang! Busted and thwarted at the same time.

Pawppy says now he knows who chewed *his* usb cord…I fear my bank account is going to be raided…

Well, I am off to find a hidey hole to take a nap….


And that is our Meezer mews and views fur today...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winter Will Not Stop...Good Grief

And...we got more snow yesterday...ugh. About 8 inches, all the schools were closed to day. We think its a record for number of days of classes cancelled around here.

Meowmy got stuck in the driveway when she got home from work last night, and when she finally was parked, she decided to clean up some...that took about 2 1/2 hours...OMC:( She didn't get to bed until about 330 am...

This morning only a dusting of new snow had come...but then the plow came along...wham...another 2 hours work to get all the packed and icy stuff out of the end of our driveway.

Pawppy and her had a total of about 6 hours of snow cleanup work today alone...pawppy thinks they have done a full weeks worth of it this winter...too bad that no one pays them by the hour to do that, MOL! They wish...

So the groceries had to wait another day before being bought...well, we do have a well filled pantry, good to raid at times like this.

Would you believe it is 42F right now?? OMC! And thunderstorms predicted for Thursday...and then back to the deep freezer. What a strange winter we are having.

Maybe the 'warmth' will help lower the tops of our snow mountains...We can't even see the road. And no birdies either...they are hiding as are the squirrels. Would you believe it...meowmy heard some robins when she was outside cleaning snow...but she couldn't see them. There seems to be some hope?

Pipo was really in silly mode when he got to bask in a sun puddle...he was chasing his tail while on top of the cat condo...and he almost fell off, MOL! He meant to do that you know.

Minko...well he gave pawppy a mess this am...he gobbled his breakfast and then right beside pawppy's chair...well he barfed! YUCK. He just does that sometimes...then he goes about as if nothing happened. Except the peeps have to clean the carpet...


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Some Slide Shows Of Old Badges From Our Catster Profiles

Minko is trying to save a part of his doesn't show up in the HTtrack mirroring tool's finished product, but it does seem to work as a Slide show od some of Minko's Badges from his Catster Profile page link here, Yay!

Slide show of some of Minko's Badges from His Catster Profile

Here is a similar one from Pipo's profile:

Slide show of some Badges from Pipo's Catster Profile

These are older ones and I couldn't save them other ways as yet...meowmy needs to do a lot of learning, MOL!
I tried 'save as', but that doesn't seem to work when I open them up, I tried to put them on PB but it won't let me...sigh...well this works for now!

We couldn't get this one image to show up either, but it works well here, MOL! Hooray!
And now we have a nother Gotcha Day piccie from MsFitz and the Tomcat furmily; Thank mew furry much!

Friday, February 14, 2014

We got some nice picture/mementoes from Rory and his artistic crew members:
These are to mark their Gotcha Days.
Thanks so much!
 Now its off to work fur meowmy...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentines Day/Gotcha Day

Its time for the love to start!
We wish all our furends a Happy Day of Love!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Its also our Gotcha Day! How cool is that?
OMC! We were teeny dudes back then...Feb14, 2005.
Well that's it fur now!
Purrs & Mews !

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beautiful Sun Puddles!

Yay! The sun is out...well at least fur a while! We are thoroughly enjoying lying in sunpuddles, basking in their warmth.Its been way too if we can only convince that snow machine NOT to come back, MOL!

Not a whole lot of anything much happening here, Yawn...we will go back to our sunny patches...

Friday the 14th is our Gotcha Day, but meowmy says she has to just figures.
We are going to catabrate our 9th Gotcha Day. Maybe next year when we have the big 10 she will have that day off...we can only hope & mews.

Still not telling meowmy where else we want to purrmanently plant our paws, well here and some other site...when we do make up our minds on that issue, we will post the info here,  so you will know where to hunt us down!

We need to teach meowmy how to put images into our blog postings...but we need to go finish those sunpuddle naps first.