Sunday, April 27, 2014

Another Boxy Tail Helped By A Mousie!

Minko Box & Mouse games

A while ago meowmy got some new furniture and covers to protect them. Those covers came in an awesome box!  I just jumped right in, no matter that the box was filled with plastic bags that the covers came in, and other packing paper, all the more crackly fun fur ME!

A box full of paper, plastic and Minko

Great hiding room in here...
 Of course I had to test it for its teeth cleaning and sharpening quality.
I have to bite fur quality control, evfurry box that I find.

Then meowmy found a mousie under the furniture.

I had a lot of fun with that mousie, fur sure.
Hi, Mousie...I am gonna catch you...
Hmmm, how to best snag me dat mousie?
I'll give it a bit of a tail pull.

I'm getting there...

You're gonna be mine, Mousie!


Welcome to my boxie condo, Mousie...

Privacy please...I gotta work on my mousie prize!

Pipo wasn’t too interested, so he just watched from the safety of the furniture’s edge, so he could dive fur cover if needed…
Sheesh, I would like to have me a mousie, too...but I need to stay close to the furniture to hide from that camera box, even though the flash is off...

You can see the gates we need to keep dog-guy out of the living room, so we can have a doggy free zone!

Have a nice Sunday and a great week ahead! Get lots of catnaps, kitty fun and catnip, too!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Open Windows And A Windowed Box

Hooray, its been quite nice here for a few days, and now we can have our windows open again. The better to hear all the buzzing of those bugs which have awoken after their long cold winter.
Though often its drowned out by all the barking that dog-guy does at varmints and such.
We can sniff all the good fresh air sniffs, too.

The Bluebells are in full bloom.
Our Bluebells are all a-bloom, too!

Meowmy found us a cool box, there are peekaboo holes in it, and a doorway, too…like a kitty cat house! MOL!
Our new fun box...Pipo s checking it out.
What are you doing, Pipo?

So we take turns sitting in it, its fun to do our grooming sessions in there.
But when she tries to take a picture of us in there…well, out we go! We need our privacy…
how are supposed to hide in this now?

We had a quiet Easter here, meowmy had to go to her job, so no bunnies here, at least not the Easter kind. Well…wait now, meowmy put on some bunny ears and wore those to her work! OMC! No way she said, no way is anyone going to take a picture of her wearing those ears…but her residents at the nursing home all thought they were cute!
We wonder why there are not kitty ears to be worn…
While meowmy was at her work, we had pawppy to keep us company, so we sat on his lap and made lots of biscuits, and tried to snag some of his supper pizza…he shooed us away - the nerve!

Right now we are helping cheer on our big orange cats, the Detroit Tigers…Aww, shucks, they lost...

And Minko is ripping up the envelope that meowmy’s mail came in…soon there will be confetti…
I am a master paper shredder...
Now those bits have to go down...

Pipo is napping…he does that so well, a master kitty napper!

Well…meowmy just got out the laser chaser light! We love that!
She directed it into our new box…and of course we ‘fell’ for it! MOL!

This fun lasted until Minko tried to relax in said box…and dog-guy came to investigate things and  that was the end of that, but not until Pipo had to give dog-guy a few well placed smacky paws!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chatterboxing and Playing Tennis

Minko mews furst:

Tennis Anyfur?

A few evenings ago, meowmy heard me making a lot of noisy scuffles and running around.
What on earth was I into now?
Um, I was playing kitty tennis!
Which means I found one of the tennis balls rolling loose from the doggy toy box…and decided it was going to be my turn!
I rolled it over the floor, pounced on it, and smashed it under the couch. I retrieved it, and did it all over again!
Whee! Fun! Somehow I couldn’t get it to go up the stairs, which is what I do with mousie toys…then I throw them down and chase after them. So I left the ball at the bottom of the stairs, ran up and ran down again to pounce on it. Phew! I got so worn out I just left it and decided to go and pester meowmy as she was working on the confuser…which meant she picked me up and set me on the floor…sheesh…not even her lap!
So I went to the doggy nest and made that my nesting spot, MOL! Dog-guy had to go somewhere else when he wanted to sleep, teehee!

Pipo Purrs next:


I like to sit and watch the outdoor activity, lots to see right now, being as it is spring break for school kids. There are some chickens next door, OMC!
I chattered and mroepped at them.
Dog guy was sitting under the window, in the grass, catching I did more chattering and chirping…
Then I saw a lot of robins hunting for their meal…in *my* yard. How dare they trespass! So I chattered and chirped some more…
Then…OMC! I had to hiss and MIAOW!
Nevermind a chatter…I saw the neighbors *cat*. Hey how come that kitty can go outside? He better not dare to come over our fence into *my* yard…cause then I will chatter to dog-guy to evict him…MOL!

Meowmy says I am not being polite, but I am only doing my duty as a through the window yard patroller/chatterbox. So there. MIAOW!

Right now I am chattering/chirping and pawing at meowmy...fur some belly rubs! And not chattering but purring...