Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Selfie Time!

Selfie Time again!!

Minko sure was wondering how he did push the camera button with his eyes closed, he feels really talented today, MOL!

Pipo is *not* upside-down, he was laying belly side up...and reached up to the he was also begging the peep behind the camera fur a good scritch on his belly, MOL!

Minko is hanging in there, but he still will only eat if meowmy puts it into his feed-assistance. He does go up to the feeding spot as soon as he sees meowmy come into that area...but then won't eat by himself...silly rascal!
Pipo always hovers nearby to help groom all the messes off of Minko...even though meowmy towels him off befur putting him back on the floor. There seems to be a few less upchucks, too.

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Post Thanksgiving Caturday Harvest Art

Here we are, just afur meowmy goes to her job...and here is some art we dug out of our archives once again, MOL! What will we do when the stash of recyclables runs out??  MOL!

We hope you are all having a fine weekend.
Stay warm, safe and take lots of naps...we are in sunpuddles, hooray!!
We haven't seen many of those fur a long time...


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Friday, November 28, 2014

The Day After...

Today was the day that meowmy cooked and cooked...and cooked. She was at her job yesterday helping peeps that can't do things fur themselves, so she didn't cook at home at all that day...We think it is OK fur her to leave us when we know she is doing things like that...and getting some green papers at the same time to get us the things we need or want.
It was the time to be getting a big feast on the table here, but of course she had to be carefur what she set out ahead of time, MOL! Us wait...that 'Not Me' to investigate and sample the goods ahead of time to do the Q.C. The aromas were so tempting!

All of the furmily was here today. Meowmy was off and it wasn't too bad for driving fur the unfurbros.

Meowmy didn't get any pictures today, and no one else here thought to get any, sheesh!
So we got some oldies...once again. We are thankfur that we know how to recycle, MOL!!

Thanksgiving greetings! Count your blessings and give thanks.

I wish all my furends a Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankfur fur this place known as Bloggerland, (that is what meowmy calls it.).
We are thankfur that we can visit and be visited by our furry pals, old and new.

Of course we are thankfur fur our furmily and our good den, our yummy (Minko said Meowmy made him mew that...) noms, clean fresh water, and well, that vet dude or lady (There are two) ,that make sure we stay healthy, even as we soon will be double digit numbered kitties.
We are always thankfur fur our soft warm nests and the big soft lap known as pawppy!
Meowmy has a lap too, smaller; but she is a wiggly lap, so we don't much stay on it long, MOL!!

Well, time to let meowmy do other not kitty things...


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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
We are blessed to know you and to enjoy all your company here in Bloggerland, (as meowmy calls it).

Minko started on his 'prescription' noms...and...well, he despises it, MOL!
So meowmy is still making sure he gets a decent ration each day, by feedinghim. Pawppy jokingly says its like having a new baby to tend to, OMC!!

He didn't vomit for over 24 hours, but today we found several, UGH. Not sure if they were all from the same episode, or separate incidents, since meowmy was doing some last minute errands.
Pipo didn't seem to care for this food either, which is a good thing...meowmy left a bunch of those so called green papers on the desk where she picked up that food...maybe they will exchange it for a different company's same script diet. (they say they will...)

Well, meowmy says she needs to go to her own nest since tomorrow will be a really busy day, and she has to go to her work, too...when she gets back, our unfurbros should be there to greet her!
She did some preparatory work today, and the rest will be done on Friday as that is the day we will be having 'the meal'.

She will be making a pumpkin pie...with pecans on the bottom, Mmm; she already made her own stuffing, and cranberry sauce. At the last minute she will make some whipping cream to go on the pie.
And of course, some of that traditional item...*the burd*!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Furry Selfie Time

Once again it is Sunday, and that means its selfie time fur us furries again.
'Hey, Pipo!'
'Do ya know what day it is?'

'Pssst...Its Sunday, That means time fur selfies!'
'Come on lets go fur it.'

'Um...nope, not right yet...'

'Oopsie, looked the wrong way!'

'Pipo, Ya gotta look the other way.'

Sheesh, Now I got it all wrong.'

'There, finally! A good double Selfie!'

Well, its kind of yo-yo mode here.
The weather was cold & snowy earlier, now its 52F and raining, so all the snow is gone, leaving a soggy yard.
The sun tries to bravely peek out, but the rain scares it away again. So we have no sun puddles.
Dog guy sleeps and then hears something so he has to disrupt the peace and bark, or howl at the sirens of emergency vehicles.
Minko eats and then doesn't want to eat; Minko pukes and then doesn't. You nevfur know what the days will bring, MOL!
Even meowmy's schedule was yo-yo' now she has to work on Thanksgiving Day but will be off Christmas.
Pipo begs fur attention and scritches, but stalks off if dog-guy ventures too close. Minko head bonks the dog-guy, but then mews piteously if dog-guy gets too frisky back at him...sigh...

Meowmy & Pawppy say, who needs TV if there are furries in the den with us! MOL!

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Caturday Artistic Oldie

Hi pals in Bloggerland ( as meowmy calls it).
Here is another oldie artwork from our we joined up fur the blog hop...hosted by Athena.

Minko wants to thank all of you fur the purrs and pawyers on his behalf.
The labs that were done were inconclusive, but seemed to show that purrhaps he has some pancreatic issues. OMC:(
Not wanting to stress him out too much, we discussed just trying to modify the dietary intakes and see if that helps. (And not bringing him in fur more lab work, or tests. Which meowmy cannot afford anyways.She just left over 500 green papers there to have the routine things done fur us and dog-guy, OUCH!)  (To put it in perspective...meowmy would have to work over 2 of her work weeks to pay just that...part time nurses aides do not work to get rich, MOL!)So meowmy will be picking up some prescription food...Minko is so finicky, sure hopes he will at least try it.
And if Pipo decides to feast off of it, Oh, dear...well, at least we have something to work with, just pawyering that the pancreatic disease is not from the big C.
Minko is eating some, but only if meowmy puts it into his mouth...otherwise he just stares at it or tries to cover it up in a show of disdain. His bouts of vomiting are somewhat less...from 2 - 3 times a day to once or twice...If he eats enough he will play and or come to head bonk meowmy or use her shoes as his scratching post, a habit he has from kittenhood, MOL!

Meowmy is herself kind of bummed too...she was going to be having off for Thanksgiving, but now her schedule got changed, and she will be working. The good part is that means she will be off for Christmas:)
So if no mews comes out from here...well, meowmy will be busy! Our unfurs will be coming. But no festive meal here till the day after, so that her full attention can be put into the making of all the noms! Um...that also means no shopping on that day, MOL! She nevfur does anyways...she hates all those crowds and the seeming greed and I want it attitudes.

The turkey will be there...she got one at her work! MOL! ( They always give them to their employees each Thanksgiving.) At least it was cold enough to leave in her car while she was at work.

OK, now we got to go and snuggle with pawppy fur a while, w have not seen him fur 5 days and we are glad to have his nice lap back!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We're With Worthless Woofie And Meowmy's Wowed!

Meowmy's wowed and wordless cause this nevur happens in our den...well hardly evfur!

Pipo Is Plotting Kitty Mischief, He's Whispering In Minko's Ear...

Sunday, November 16, 2014



                           WeBees showing you some meezer visages today...aka selfies!

Minko seems to be stable, and least he eats when meowmy puts it in his mouth...else he just sniffs it and stalks off. Most of the hissing between him and Pipo has stopped.
Of course the dog-guy still gets his share of hissies, MOL!

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

A kimi art picture for the Autumn Season

Yes...the Bad is it is snowing and cold, and that is ugly as well... we mean the clean white blanket is OK, but the coldness of it isn't at all,,,and its so sloppy and slippery on the roads, that is the ugly.

The good is, we are cozy and safe and warm.

The good also is, meowmy is feeling better than when she got back from her trip. She is sounding less like  dog, and more like her human self!

Ugly is when you get up in the morning and find barf on the carpet...on the chairs and even in a kitty bed. UGH. More times in a week that meowmy wants ti think about. All whilst she was gone. Pawppy thought it was a case of bad furballs getting yakked didn't think so.

Bad is when the meowmy stuffs us into carriers, covers them to keep cold winds out, and takes us on the 8 mile trip to the vet lady. Pipo left a hole in meowmy's wrist...yes, more ugly, MOL!

Pipo was bad and was not about to come out of the carrier, despite how much he hadn't wanted to go tin in the furst place, MOL!

Ugly is seeing the number on the scale...14.6!! OMC! That is Fat!
So he will have to be more closely monitored as to how much he eats and what. And more playtime, but that falls in the good section...

Ugly and bad and scarey is seeing Minko's number on the scale,  7.2. Yikes! What a lot of his weight has been stolen away from him. Why? What is going on?
So he was poked and prodded some more and the vampire stole more blood from him than from Pipo...and he was bad, because Minko is an expert wiggler! MOL! The vampires had to try three veins to get any, MOL!

Both kitties were stabbed for the usual them that must have been both ugly and bad, MOL!

Now it is wait and wait and try not to be too anxious about what may be Minko's trouble. It could be simple or complicated. We have to hope it is simple. If the blood work doesn't tell us anything, then the options are to do extensive testing. However, that would be looking for things such as tumors...and while we know they can be treated, we as kitty pawrents simply do not wish to subject our kitties to that. It may extend their time with us, but we think the suffering to do that is selfish on our part. So we would try pain medicines and maybe steroids.
So we expect the worse and hope for the best. Meanwhile, meowmy is hand feeding Minko to ensure that he does get some nutrition. Poor little guy.
And more ugly...They both have ugly tartar and some gingivitis, so we will be scheduling a teeth cleaning one of these days...sigh...

After they got home, they both were in hissy the dog-guy, and at each other. Stressed out. Ugly!
Today the hissing continues, but not as bad.

Now we just need to get the sun to come out from behind all the snowmaking clouds.

Meowmy goes back to her work tomorrow, too...her vacation time is ended...that to her is bad and ugly, MOL!!

We joined Athena for her Caturday artwork this week because we thought our Kimi was 'artsy'! MOL! Meowmy took one of our pictures and put it into a kimi template, and then manipulated all the elements to make it original...she also added more elements, and changed some of the colors.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lest We Forget

Today is Remembrance Day.
Yes, we live in the USA, where its called Veteran's Day. We thank all of our veterans who have so willingly and selflessly served so that we can be a free nation.

Meowmy is Canadian, and she still and will always think of November 11th as Remembrance Day. Poppy Day.
So many have given their blood as the payment for freedom. In the past and even now.

No matter where we live, freedom is costly, we should not at all take it for granted; ever.

When meowmy was a schoolgirl she had to learn this famous poem:

(Click the image to better see the words.)
So, let us say a heartfelt thank you to veterans any time we meet them, not just on days like today, no matter where they came from. Freedom cost lives, here and abroad.
You know, meowmy has worked with the elderly and a lot of them were veterans, in fact she worked in a hospital's long term care unit dedicated to those who served. She remembers many faces from that time. Even now in her current job with the elderly, there are veterans.

Take a moment at 11am to think on these things.
Thank you.

A Remembrance

Today  Nov 10th, we are remembering our angel furbling, Simba. While he was meowmy's second kitty, he was the first  kitten.

He had quite the purrsonality.
 Here is his tail as told by himself:

Well,  I decided it was time fur me to purr some things about me...maybe more to help meowmy keep my memory fresh, MOL!

I was the second kitty in this den, but I was meowmy's furst kitten. OMC! What had she gotten into? MOL!
I was a busy little dude and curious beyond all measure.
I had to get into all boxes/bags that came through the doors, and of course I had to go through all doors too.
I even greeted strangers!
I licked the furs of humans, esp that of meowmy when she had come back from the salon...she thinks I liked the hairspay, MOL! Because usually I only tried to lick/groom pawppy's topcoat of hair, upon which he lavishly sprayed that stuff, to keep it under control...but after I was done with it, well it truly had the tussled appearance...more to my liking.
I didn't mind it when our auntie would come and bring her little cairn terrier, I tried to play with him, though Groucho only hissed...
I loved the attentions given me by the little girl of meowmy's good furends when they visited. There is even a picture of me with her. That young lady is finished college now.

When I came to this furmily called MINE, I was a teeny bit of a kitten, kind of scrawny, but oh so filled with easily given out purrs and bread making paws.
Meowmy noticed that there were fleas all over me. YUCK! Not good at all, dangerous even, fur, not having any flea medications at hand, I got a bath with kitten flea shampoo...hmmm...not a good way to tell me they loved me, well, I guess it must have been, else I would have had to stay outside even longer. I came from a litter of kittens that nevfur had been inside. Pawppy said it was a sort of slum area of town, OMC! Though the man who was my furst not-kitty-dad obviously had well socialized all of us, we came right up to this new lady to see who she was...and I decided to crawl into her lap. Done! I stole meowmy's heart and that was that!
The vet man said I was healthy and had no illnesses even though I had been outdoors and exposed to goodness knows what.

Well, when I got in the den there was this big boy kitty in there and he was the hiss king fur sure. But since I was a brave little dude and purrsistant, soon I had Groucho wound around my paws, too.
One day he chirped at me and wanted me to chase him. He sat in the hallway and looked over his shoulder to see if I was listening to his play chirp...and that was how we got to be best buddies.
We shared catventures together for about 7-1/2 years. Sunpuddles, cat nesting pawlaces, watching the birds and bugs and a few small critters outside. Chased and hunted flies together, too. MOL!

I loved to get vacumed and would purr up a storm when that sucky thing went over my fur. I would arch up right into it, and always looked sad when meowmy put it away.

I, Simba was a fun kitty, and my furmily were honored to have been a part of my life. I loved to play fetch, such as with plastic milk jug rings, and little paper balls. (Very economical toys) My obsession was to get outside. I wanted to eat grass. I was a great furbling to the older kitty, Groucho. We curled up together a lot, and held mutual grooming sessions every day. Groucho truly missed me after he passed away, he even as the older cat outlived me by many years...

Since I loved to check out what was behind doors, I always tried to go through them...and I was like a greased lightening bolt. Vroom...and then I would try to hide so that my stay in furbidden territory was extended...
I discovered that at the base of the back-porch stairs there was grass...tender green shoots if you knew where to find them. YUM!
Meowmy told me I wasn't supposed to do that going outside stuff, since now I was an inside kitty, but I just found it irresistible.

One day meowmy left for a few days. When she got back, she also came in with a large basket type object that she placed on the floor in the kitchen so that I and Groucho could check it out. So we were skulking and sniffing around it...when the contents moved and made some soft noises, not unlike another small critter..what?!
It moved??!
I jumped straight up and floofed my furs to an enormous size and ran away...I was spooked! Me who always greeted all, MOL!
Well, meowmy told me that this was my unfurbro, he was here to stay, and that soon he and I would be best buddies, too.

And he was. Meowmy taught him too pet me nicely,and how to pick me up, and how to pawlay with me too. Sometimes when he was crawling over the den floor not unlike another critter, I would give him a head bonk...but then I was often rewarded with a tail pull, OMC...well meowmy was always snoopervising our encounters so she taught unfurbro that wasn't nice...

I was also the cause of a near disaster here when unfur was about 7months old. I was lurking at the top of the stairs because I knew that soon meowmy would open that door and come out...and my plan was to go in...zoom!
Well, meowmy noticed me, even though she was carrying my unfurbro...and she tried to shove me back with her toe...she lost her balance and crash...down she went...she landed facing the way she had come from...still holding onto unfurbro...and he was just fine, but meowmy was not...she had hurt her back against the windowsill which she had crashed knocked the breath out of her...and years later she found out that there was an old fracture there..the docs got all concerned that she had a fracture from osteoporosis, but meowmy told them it was 18 years old and she told them the tail...its seems funny now, but that morning is one she will nefur furget.

Eventually there was another unfurbro here, too.

So one day when unfur the younger was a toddler he opened the back door and quick as a wink I escaped. No one had any idea. That was my plan, you know...
Eventually meowmy was missing me, and she started searching. Sure enough...I was far in the back of the yard, happily munching on wonderfur tasty blades of tender grass...Mmmm...hey! I don't want to go inside!

Months after that I started to eat voraciously. Then I would 'woof my cookies'. Or I would cough and then vomit. Then I would be fine for a while and a few days later it would start again. Since I was quite active we all thought it was because I was playing too hard after eating.

Time passed and one November day while meowmy was on her yearly trek (Vacation to be with her Mom, and her Aunt to catabrate theirs and her own birthdays) with the toddlers. I was here alone with Groucho to keep pawppy company.

I gave pawppy some major head bonks and purrs, then I went to my fave chair and took a nap. Hours later I was still there, pawppy said...and when he wanted to go to bed Groucho was acting furry concerned. Pawppy decided to recheck me in my nap pawlace...and I was no more:(
In my sleep, peacefully I had gone to the RB. It was November 10th.
Now pawppy had to call meowmy who was in Canada on her visit...and she had to tell the unfurs that their beloved Simba was no longer. How do you say those things to a 3 and 5 year old?
It was an awful way to come home...I wasn't there to tell them my stories as I always was so quiet and empty, and Groucho was pacing about yowling and mrouwling his painful feelings.
So pawppy took the unfurs and my preserved body, and they had a little funeral fur me, and they buried me behind the shed...and meowmy painted me a marker.
The vet thought that purrhaps I had gotten heartworm when I had been outdoors that day...all it takes is one infected mosquito bite, and goodness knows there were all kind of those biters back there. I must have had a blockage in my heart. In other words, a heart attack.
At least I didn't have to suffer, as judged by my peacefur look in that final resting pawlace. Meowmy only wished she would have been with me...

Don't worry meowmy, the RB is a wonderfur beautifur pawlace and I am able to munch on grass any time I want to, MOL! And don't furget that soon after I came to be here, I arranged to send you Suki and they helped to heal your aching heart, and even Groucho was gratefur to have new playmates to fill that empty void in his life... And later we all got together to arrange fur Pipo & Minko to join the furmily clan.

Thanks meowmy, fur helping me to tell my tail fur all to know me better...

Rory and his helpfur crew sent us this nice picture to mark the occasion:
Thanks, Rory!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Meowmy Is Pretending To Be A Dog Non-Selfie-Sunday

                                                     Happy Thanksgiving Time
From the archives of our 'photobook'.

Meowmy came back with a new identity we think, she sounds like a barking dog. OMC, we don’t think that is a good thing.
So we will purr and keep her warm and resting down in the recliner so she can get her regular identity back. She said she will have to visit the human-vet tomorrow, because she has been running a fever for 5 days, now. UGH. But you know being as she is hot, maybe we will want to keep her as a purrsonal warming site, MOL!

She was gone for several days and pawppy had to take care of us. Well, better than a stranger right?!
And now she is back things should be OK.

Meowmy didn’t feel too good today, so no selfies were made…sigh…but we will show you the main reason why meowmy was gone:
Great Auntie turned 95!

Our Great Auntie Arendina on her 95th Birthday!

A small gathering to celebrate a big occasion!

We didn’t have sun puddles today it was dank and cloudy…at least it wasn’t raining or snow showering. Just like on the traveling days of meowmy’s trip. UGH.
At least there weren’t any snow storms.
Meowmy says her vacation time is a wasteland due to all the yucky weather and her being hostess to a nasty virus. She hopes it isn’t going to reactivate her Ee-Bee-Vee…(mono). That would be far worse than a cold.
Oh well, at least she doesn’t have to call in sick from her work, MOL! Her residents do not need her barking at them! Some things are fur sure not shared.

Soon we will try to get caught up! Hmmm, there are almost 100 blogs unread, yikes! We think we will just start at the newest ones. And maybe meowmy might find some time to answer all the comments. Sorry we have been so put of touch.


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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Selfies & Sayanara

After you set the selfie timer you gotta move fast to get it *just so*!

Yup.My paw is still trying to press that click the shutter button.

Yup, its that time again. And after this posting we will be quiet in our blogs fur a while, for two weeks or so, maybe longer. Meowmy is going away to visit her sister and her aunt. Auntie has no internet access, and sister has WiFi, but it only works on *her* confuser. We think that that internet provider is being like a Scrooge, not wanting others to if sister lets meowmy use her confuser...who knows, MOL!...go figure.

Aunty is hoping to celebrate her birthday #95!
Meowmy will celebrate a birthday too, but not quite that number...yet, MOL!
Anyways we will miss all of you, but we will be back, eventually

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