Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's My Turn!!

Yesterday meowmy was so busy all the day long, she could hardly even be here in Bloggerland to help us see what all was happening...though she did let us make a few comments...and we did some 'silent' visits...sigh...now there are about 30 unread blogs. Sheesh, she needs to quit her job and hire a maid fur all the chores so we can come here to play a lot more, MOL!!

We appawlogize fur missing things...and Minko says he will furgive meowmy too...cause she takes care to see that he gets all the good nutrition he needs...else he would be a skeleton...by doing the feeding help/assist, Minko has gained a wee bit:).

And now to the reason fur that title we posted:

Minko wanted to let you know that he is now 10 years old, too! His Birthday was yesterday, so yes, that is why he was a bit miffed that he couldn't play here...but belatedly means an extension of the fun and attentions, right?? MOL!

I'm 10 years old now, so I can lay back and relax!
Minko  ~  Dec 29, 2014
I'm pawyering fur a good future, fur me and my furmily and my pals, too.

Sunbeams on my birthday are welcome fur sure! I think the heavenlies are shining upon me...

My Portrait

I'm wondering about the future...
I got a tad frisky, too, from all the sunbeams attention and these props...why...I couldn't resist a good bitey on them, MOL!

As you can see, meowmy has been tinkering with our pictures. lately...she can add these white or black frames, blur the edges, lighten or darken them even change their colors, OMC! These pictures were all made on the same sunny morning, with her I-Pad! It doesn't have a flash in it, and close ups are purrty easy...the hardest thing is to hold it and use a free finger to push the shutter...though sometimes we are paw ready to help her, MOL!

That being said, it is by no means the end of her camera usage!! There are still things where that device is far superior:)

Now meowmy has to go shopping...fur some huge items...maybe we will get the boxes...Christmas sure gave us some good ones...now she will be getting some bigger ones, the microwave gave up in a huge stinky electrical debacle and it was a wonder the house didn't get burned down...phew!
Then our fur sucking machine is way too long in the tooth, so a new one will be arriving soon...but, sheesh, will that mean we have to do more hiding? Or will all our fur deposits to soften the carpet be work fur nothing?
And this am the little counter height freezer decided to turn off furevfur...sheesh, the things that dwell in our den must think meowmy is a money bag and if'n she puts all that $$ in those items, well, will we get our noms?? And more toys and nip, too? Meowmy says each one of those items costs so and so many shifts extra of work...oh...good, meowmy that means you will be even busier and home less than befur...sigh...
We sure hope nothing else breaks or conks out around here!


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Festive Post Christmas Selfie Sunday!

Its Sunday again...and meowmy is working, but we still managed to come up with some selfies to play in the weekly bloggy hoppy ~ what fun!
Not too interested yet in selfies...

Is it selfie time again??
OK, Here is me!

Well, OK, I can do it too I guess..

Like this?

Hey! I want to nap now...

I need to finish my nap, I say!

Hey, Minko! I got a good selfie here!!

OK...I can do it too, I guess, see my paw? I pressed the shutter just at the right time!
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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pipo Catabrated 10 Years!!

Today, Dec 26th, Pipo turned 10! Wow! He belongs to the old furt club now, MOL!!
He began the fun early today with a big upchuck...OMC:(
But after that he was fine...must have had to exit a hairball, eeuuwww! Or steal the pukie show from Minko...
Of course he demanded and received lots of belly rubs, nip and treats...he doesn't  play with toys too much, sometimes a mousie or a crinkle ball.
And well, since it was pawrty time, he had to have his piccie taken to mark the oc-cat-sion...but he wasn't about to cooperate a whole lot, even though all he was wearing was a collar...Meowmy doesn't use any flash, only the available light. Her 'flashy box' today was her I-pad, that doesn't make noise like a camera. at least not that meowmy can discern...but Pipo just hangs his head or closes his eyes...even when pawppy came by to perk his attensions, MOL! He just wants to be difficult, MOL!

And it was so bright and sunny, puurfect fur picture taking, but Pipo wasn't having it...his dark visage makes it really challenging esp in a shadow. to see his eyes...oh well, we got a few to show you...

And Rory and his Mom Esther along with the rest of that talented gang, sent us a picture too. How nice of them.

Thanks Rory!

I shared this day of my birth with pawppy's Mom.but I nevfur met her...though some of my angel furblings did.

Then meowmy saw me sitting on the diningroom table...too bad the background wasn't too great...oh well...

Pipo wishes all of you a great weekend...meowmy has to return to her work tomorrow...well, it was nice having her here 4 days in a row!

Minko chucked up once late in the day...then ate a good supper as helped by meowmy...he was trying to help Pipo take the pictures...more about his doings in a few days...MIAOW!

Purrs to all and to all a good night! MIAOW!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

MIAOW to all our pals!

Merry Christmas!!

Or we should mew, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas, because its already Dec 26th here, MOL!
Meowmy is always so late...So now it is Boxing Day! Well, it is if you are Canadian, or live in British heritaged countries.

We were supposed to have a white one, and we thought we might, it was snowing late Wednesday night, but today there was only a dusting.
At least it was better than all that rain we had past few days.

Unfurbro the elder and unfurbro the younger are home, yippee! More laps to sleep on...but no wires to chew...they know to hide them...

We got some yummy treats and a couple of new nip kicker toys. The nip was so fun Minko kicked his to death and then stalked off, MOL! Pipo didn't seem to interested...he just wants a good belly rub, MOL!

Minko took 3 bites of some food all by himself today...hooray! And no upchucking today, Phew!

We also got lots of snail mail cards from furends! As well as E mail cards! Way more than the peeps here, MOL!
Thanks so much!

Today we wore red, white and green collars, sort of festive with little jewels and bells  on them, as befits a good kitty, but while Minko wore his fur a long time, only chewing off one bell...which meowmy put away...Pipo sulked until his handsome red velvet one was removed...sigh...

Well, we are sleeping now, to be ready for what the next days shall bring to do...

And once again:
Merry Christmas!
Happy Boxing Day!
Happy New Year!
May your 2015 be fun filled and well blessed.



Sunday, December 21, 2014

Festive Feline Faces...aka Selfies On Sunday

Once again Sunday has arrived...a nice December  Sunday the last befur Christmas! OMC!
So we thought we should add a festive touch to our selfies...since poinsettias are furry toxic to kitties, we have only got silk ones around here. But they are still purrty! And Christmasy, too!
Back-lit, but still purrty good fur a selfie says Pipo!

How am I supposed to take a selfie and hold poinsettias? Sheesh!

Well...OK, but I ain't gonna look at that lensy thingy, so there!

But it was fun to photobomb Dog-guy's selfie, MOL! But no way am I gonna look at the flashybox...

We are doing purrty well...Pipo started big upchucks, but meowmy realized it was from the clavamox he is on post dental, so she added some probiotic and mkes sure he eats with the medicine...End of problem:)
Minko is about the same, eating only if meowmy feeds him, not sure that is a good thing to be doing, but if he doesn't eat, well, that is even worse. He seems happy enough, purrs a storm, plays with his mousies and gets onto cahoots with the dog-guy. Since he seemed to really dislike the vet prescription food, meowmy stopped feeding it and adds some digestive enzymes to his regular food...the upchucks he does are about the same, once maybe twice a day, and almost always before he eats. Like he gets a sour stomach? (or he may be hungry and trying the Pipo kibbles?)

Meowmy is rushing about like that probverbial beheaded chicken...so much to do so little time! And now the unfurs are home, so maybe she should make use of their skills to help...ie make them into slaves, MOL! Do our laundry, clean the den, cook the noms and that way meowmy can go shopping or blogging or both, MOL! She does have to go to work, one more shift befur Christmas.
Right now evfurrything is bare of any snow, not even a crumb. We are to get rain starting tomorrow, then we may get snow, or ice, ugh. Well, it might be OK to have a bit of the white fluff fur Christmas, then it can leave as far as all of us are concerned!
Whoevfur wants any can send a dump truck and we will load it up fur them, MOL!!! OMC!

Thanks to all who sent us cards! Beautiful Ecards and wonderfur snail-mail cards!
We are saving our offurcial thank you notes till after Christmas, to lessen the load meowmy is carrying.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Update Post Teeth Cleaning

You may not look in my mouth...so there!

Gotta have me some nip!

We came home yesterday afternoon...and sheesh we were not happy with meowmy...we slinked out of those carriers...and slunk away to hide behind some inaccessible furniture, MOL!

Later we ventured out, and silly dog-guy was there, and he wanted to sniff us...so both of us hissed him and gave him a warning smacky paw.

Pipo went straight fur the food bowl, MOL!
Minko...not so much, he only would eat if meowmy gave it to him...same old.

They both indulged in some good nip to calm their nerves...and to appease the growling Pipo who wanted nothing to do with anyone at furst, sheesh. Then he was all silly and tried to eat the mat he was laying on...well there were deer pictures on it, maybe he thought it was venison. Hmmm...

They both have to take a visit with Aunty Biotica fur a week...but since meowmy asked it to be in pill form, at least its not a yucky cherry flavor...what kitty eats cherries?? MOL!

When meowmy was putting the carriers in their regular spots, she took the towels out to wash them...and one was furry wet with kitty piddle, OMC! Not-Me had to have been in there. (Prolly Minko, he almost always does that on vet trips...)

No teeth were stolen, Hooray!
Now meowmy says she needs sunglasses when we let our teeth see the light of day!

And now meowmy is so furry behind on all of the other blogs, there are almost 30...so she thinks she may just start with the ones from today...so do feel too ignored, OK?? She will read them all, just not make comments on all of them!
She is going to work in a few moments, so won't be back till almost midnight.
Mew with ya'll later!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Furry Wordy Wednesday ~ Purrs Appawsiated

Today has to be a Furry Wordy Wednesday.

Can you please purr hard today fur both Pipo & Minko?
It would be evfur so appawsiated.

They are going to be at the stabby joint all day…having their teeth cleaned.
Pipo was furry anxious because he couldn’t find any food, OMC He kept ‘telling’ pawppy & meowmy all about our shortcomings, and then he was further ruffled by getting pushed…no forced into the carrier.
Minko went to his ‘spot’ but nobody gave him anything either, poor dude. At least he is a wee bit easier to get ready for traveling.

And yes, the roads are slippery today...lately each time a trip to that Stabby place is imminent, the weather decides to be naughty.
And now there is talk of a storm on Christmas Eve/Christmas. A White Christmas!!

Meowmy finished putting up the little trees and other things…now to make the light cords so  they will be unchewable.
After that was done, the first thing meowmy hears is…crash…and yup, Pipo was the purr-petrator this time, he knocked over one tree…
Kitties: 1
Peeps: 0
Decorations: 0

Now she needs to attack that pile of cards…so that pawppy can take them all to the post office to join in the snail’s mail lanes...

Meowmy went to her Special Stabby place on Tuesday…it is 60 miles one way to get there…and it becomes an all day outing. At least there was no snow or other bad weather…just a dreary, drizzly day…sigh...
And she was once again told that all is well…’No evidence of disease’. Praises be to God!
While this hangs on meowmy’s mind, she tries to not let it rule her life, having had a disease that is scary can try to take over and it will if you let it. She was diagnosed with stage 3b Ovarian Cancer  in 2006. Lots of surgery and 16 months of chemo…now her life is every day a new blessing, to share with others…so she works in a nursing home…part time…to keep busy, help others,  get some $$ for noms and stuff for the furry ones, and help with the education of our unfurbros…well, one has finished and the younger one is in Grad School.

This is a wonderful Christmas gift from God to her! And her family, too.

We hope you all have a great remainder of the days counting down to Christmas! Remember the true reason for this special time of the year!

And thanks fur all the purrs!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lazy Sunday Selfies

Its Selfie Sunday again! So here we are in lazy mode...

Minko was extra naughty last Friday night. Pawppy was holding him fur a moment whilst meowmy was cleaning up another upchuck episode...and OMC, Minko put his teeth into pawppy's hand. OUCH:(
Now pawppy has to go and visit Aunty Biotica twice a day so she can kiss those punctures and make them go away...his hand got all red and swollen...pawppy was not a pleased purrson at all...but Minko said that he didn't want to be there, so that was how he had to let pawppy know. Wow-wee, a bit too assertive we think...
Other than that, Minko seems unchanged, still gets hand fed his prescription noms two or three times a day, won't eat at all by himself...but he will go to the 'feeding spot' to get fed, sheesh.
Pipo thinks he is a spoiled kitty brofur, because he has to eat on the floor out of a bowl like a regular kitty...and then dog-guy gets to wash/lick Minko when he is done...but after that Pipo helps groom Minko to get all the dog-guy smells off of him, MOL!

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