Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy Birthday, Minko

Yuppers, I too had a birthday, so now I have 'caught up' with Pipo, MOL!
We are not twins, but we are only a few days apart...born in diffurent parts of our city...and then later we were gotted on the same day, so I guess we are sort of twins form diffurent mothers, OMC!!

About a year ago, meowmy wasn't even sure I would still be here, I was so furry sick and fading away...I was diagnosed with IBD, and now I am on all kinds of meds and spawsial noms...so I have gained back some weight and I eat purr-purr-ly again...but...I only eat when meowmy feeds me with a spoon...shucks, I just do not have appetite, despite all the medicines. But meowmy loves me, I know; cause she does this three times a day. Sometimes I might eat one or two bites of my noms, sometimes I snatch a kibble from Pipo's bowl, but not nearly enough to sustain me...sigh...

I do not throw up nearly as much as before, I was doing that one or more times a day, now maybe only once a week or so. Sometimes when I do eat those kibbles, they just come right back up. YUCK!
Meowmy says she really doesn't mind feeding me, but she does have to make time for that, which can get hard on her working days...or if she has a lot of errands to do. The worst was when she had to go out of town, I had to go to a boarding spa, and she had to teach them what to do, MOL!! Pipo came along to snoopervise...Ha-ha!

So now I am 11, I am getting to be an old kitty...but the way I do silly things I still act kittenish! I love to chew on the cords like the USB to the confuser, earbud wires and even the power cord to the laptop. Between my spawsial noms, medicines and wire replacements, pawppy says I am his millionaire kitty, MOL!!
I don't know why I have to chew those wires, but they are so appealing...

I still wrestle with Pipo, pounce on my mousies and love to lounge in sunpuddles. And Catnip...don't get me started about catnip!! MOL! And making bread is a good way to massage the peeps here. Or in the air! My purr engine motorizes the bread making exercises:)

I got a new mousie to chase; of course it has a not mousie aroma of catnip, tee-hee!

Manytoes from Catster made me this furry nice memento of this day:

Thanks Manytoes!

And the Birthday/Gotcha Day Club form Catster sent me this one:

Thanks Birthday and Gotcha Day Club!

Meowmy also made me the one at the top of this posting. Brr, that is what our weather is like today...
It was really snowy here, along with a lot of sleet, ice pellets and rain. A big wintry mess! I am glad I am an inside kitty fur sure!
And I am happy to be eleven years young!


Meowmy suggested that I should link this to the Sunday selfies cause they are still 'open'...so OK, then, both Pipo & I will have selfie entries, MOL! (Cause its too long to wait till Sunday next, and also it will be a whole new year...OMC!)
Happy Early New Year to all!

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Belated Happy Birthday To Pipo ~ Sunday Selfie

Dec 26th, yesterday,  was Pipo's 11th Birthday. Meowmy did not forget it, but she was working, and she is still going in today, too...
Sheesh, its kind of awkward when a kitty has to share his time not only with a working meowmy but with holidays too, MOL! And yesterday, my Grand-Meowmy would have turned 97...we shared the day, but she lives in Heaven now.
These past few days have been rush, rush and more rush, as meowmy tried to work in all the festivities and such and go to her work.  My unfurbros were here too!
Then when she comes home its almost the next day, so she is tired and has to konk out! MOL! I do furgive her though, she does good things for all the peeps where she works,and I don't mind sharing her if she is there...better than the excuses of running errands and wanting to go out with her lady furends, OMC!!

It was also Boxing Day yesterday in some parts of the world...like in Canada where meowmy came from.
Boxing Day is so called because boxes were filled with goodies and left at the doors of the needy the day after Christmas, in Britain is where that tradition began. Um...why make the needy wait to have goodies, should not they get their goodies the day before Christmas so they can celebrate well, too?? Just a thought.....
So while its about giving boxes of good to the needy, Minko thought it would be good to get in the box from the vet pharmacy. If the box is good then the meds that came it should be OK, too, right?? MOL!

I got these picture cards, too:

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Our Christmas Cards

Here are our Bloggerland Christmas cards, sent to us, gleaned off of your pages or found on other's...MOL!
We thought it would be nice to make a blog page/post for displaying them all. If we overlooked or missed any...send them along and we will try to get the catretary to put them in here too. Don't feel obliged, and sorry if we did miss anyfur's card. Blame the lame catretary, sheesh, she didn't even know how to retrieve them off the emails, MOL!! She eventually did get it figured out...

We actually got a lot more, but they came in the snail's mailbag, and meowmy didn't think to get them scanned in time...we don't have a scanner at home, so we have to go to the store about 20minutes of driving away from here....sigh...

Thanks to all who sent us cards, either in that snail's bag or in our email.
Merry Christmas to all!
Pee Ess:
Since meowmy has to work the next three days, we may not be around too much...and Pipo says hisses to that, cause it will be his 11th purrday on Dec 26th...we will just have to have a catabration a wee bit later...hey, Pipo, you know that extends the fun of your day, right?? Then on the 29th it will be Minko's purrday! He too will be 11...wasn't sure he would still be around, given his health issues, but yup, he is a strongwilled kitty, MOL!Wow they have purrdays close together. Meowmy says it gets quite busy here around this time of the year, not just cause there are holidays, OMC!

Now enjoy a yummy Christmas treat!
Pee Ess Again:
If we find more cards, we will post those too:)) Right here!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Belated Birthday Mews to Cyndi

Cyndi from Jan's Funny Farm had her twelfth birthday on Dec 21. Wow!
Miss Jan was feeling bad cause she had sort of not thought of it too much, given the state of Sam's health concerns and mobility issues.
But we know that Cyndi has the best ongoing purrsent a furry could wish fur, a loving home.

Anyways, we thought it would be nice to make a card for her and send it, even though its already Wednesday...sigh...it seems even our meowmy has time management issues, MOL!

There you are Cyndi! You have lots of wee meeces to play with now, OMC!! And a yummy cake, Mmmm!

We are purring and pawyering a lot fur your doggy brofur, Sam and fur all of you there at the Funny Farmers' Den:))

((((( HUGS! )))))


Sunday, December 20, 2015

T'was The Sunday Before Christmas Selfie Time

Yup...less than a week before Christmas! Wow!
We finally saw meowmy put the stamps on and mail out the last of our snail mail cards yesterday. Good!
Can we or she relax now?? Not yet...lots of other things to do, including helping us get that camera thing just right with timer and light and props...so we can join up to the Sunday Selfies hop:))
We had to have some out-takes befur the good one showed up.

My paw was ready but not my visage, MOL!

There, this is better!

This prop is a good pillow, but then I cannot see myself too good fur a selfie.

Who is this red-striped photobomber?? Oh well, this is my selfie, OK?? I thought so!

Minko, we could get this ovfur withif'n you would just look...in the lens.

A bit over-exposed, but it will do, meowmy, those sunpuddles may not last...can we take off our collars now?? Pawlease??

So!! Done!! Off to enjoy a sunpuddle! Yup we got those today so we need to avail ourselves of them cause the weatherman dude says we are going to have rain...sigh...

In case you missed this, here is our card fur you to take and use in/on your pages:

Merry Christmas!!!!!
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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Our Christmas Card Selfie to *All* Of OUr Furry Pals And Their Furmilies!!

Meowmy finally got her confuser back, Phew!
The little 'brain' that tells the confuser if it was on battery or electric power was dead, so that was replaced. The battery was still fine:)
The so called 'logic board' was not being too logical anymore so that was replaced too, Oh MY!! That would have cost a ton of green papers, but it was replaced for no charge! Wowee!
Thank you Apple; Merry Christmas to you and thanks for taking good care of us:))

So, then meowmy had to get busy, we told her that, cause we were all behind and naturally we still are. If we need to send out snail mail cards...well you night get them for New Years, MOL! She hasn't even started those yet, and there are plenty to go to Europe and Canada to her relatives, Sheesh! They might just get E-Cards....

So...Now on to Selfie duties.

We were hard pressed for time so we allowed our card to be a trio of selfies...well we are a furmily so its OK we think...this time!

Merry Christmas to all!!
(You may 'take' this card and have it for yourselves if you wish. Meowmy has some of your email addresses so we will send it to you that way, too.)

Now we have to let meowmy go and do dog-guy's card on his blog...and then she has to go and get errands done:)

Merry Christmas!

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thwarted From New Sunday Selfie Fun

We have to resort to reposting some older selfies...the battery and some circuit board in meowmy's confuser went kaput, so it had to go to the confuser hospital...sigh... 
This also means that she cannot make any Christmas cards because that function is not on the iPad. She should have it back before December 25, but she won't have enough time, what with her work and all. So... She will have to resort to premade cards, MOL!

Well, at least she can stay in contact with all our pals, so we are not totally out of commission. 

Not much new to report here, that is the good news:))