Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wordy, Wordy Wednesday, WOW!

Wow! We got a box with our names on it, so we had to be wordy on a Wednesday!
This box smelled like some kitties we nevfur met...and we begged meowmy to open it pronto!
So, she did and OMC, there was another kitty in there; the most furmouse Grumpy Cat herself! There were some nip toys as well...and a piccie of Phoebe. Who is Phoebe? And why did we get a box?
Well, meowmy let us paw a rafflecopter on the blog known as 15andmeowing (Click on the link to go there); and Phoebe is one of their kitties. 
Well, wouldn't you know it, we actually won! OMC!!
So now we just had to be wordy instead of wordless...wouldn't you!?!

We thank Phoebe and her furmily so furry much! Grumpy Cat is furiffic and even dog-guy had to have a sniff of her, MOL! We told meowmy to keep her out of his reach...he has a tendency to destuff furry critters like that.
By the way, if you check out that blog, you will see that Phoebe had to go to the we hope you will join us in sending her purrs, pawyers and POTP.

We also have just passed being into Blogging fur a whole year, our furst Bloggerversary!


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hugging Sunday Selfie

We were snuggly and hugging when it was time to do a selfie, so we hugged, stretched and hit the button - voila - a hugging selfie!   
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wednesday Whaps

I think I see dog-guy...
I am gonna....


Those two just do not evfur get along...

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunny Selfies

We did manage to find a few sunny puddles this week, we do love us our sunpuddles....maybe that is why Pipo especially looks purr-turbed about meowmy telling him to take a selfie, MOL!
Meowmy said it was selfie time in the sunny nap spot...

Minko got a bit too close so his wee schnooter got cut oopsie-selfie here, MOL!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mewless Wednesday

So sunny, I have to squint!


And Kisses

From Dog-Guy

Pipo didn't think it was a good idea, so he is getting ready to use his smacky paw..
My furs got so ruffled from doing that to Dog-Guy,
I had to hide out of embarrassment...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Box Bashing Bloghop!

We just heard there is a Blogville box bash! Hooray, we love us some boxes!
And sometimes we bash em, too, MOL!

We can join the hop, but not fur long as meowmy has to go to her work shortly...sigh...

Hi Box bashers!

Minko's form of bashing  box is to bite it, MOL!

My box has a mousie! OMC!!
Hey, shall we check this out?

Pipo is getting in...

Hey, Pipo, is it comfy in there? Can I come in, too?

Pipo loves this box, the size is just right! MOL!

Shall I get in box one, box two or box three??
We got a new bed once along with some toys...Pipo decided to get right on it!! Minko tried to evict him...

Have fun in the bloggy hopping through all the boxes today!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mewless Wednesday...Shhh....We're Too Busy To Miaow!

Shhh...we are super busy, well, Pipo is.
He grooms Minko after meowmy feeds him...MOL!

Hey, You interrupted us!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Sunday Selfie of 2015!!

Wow, Its 2015 and this is our first selfie entry of the new year, OMC!!

We have been doing a lot of snoozing on pawppy's lap or meowmy's...or our nests, because the sun is very much in hiding mode today. We are in the midst of a winter weather and snow and freezing rain and now the temps are diving single digits overnight from a much warmer 35F. The roads were slippery this morning, so the peeps did not dare to drive the 26 miles to church, instead they stayed home to keep us company! More lap time! But they did go outside to clear away lots of that icy junk befur it solidifies into icebergs.

Anyways, Pipo was sleeping here, when the sun did dare to show up yesterday, furry briefly...and I too had a go at that sunpuddle befur it vanished...sigh...
Our paws were just active enough to press that wee button on meowmy's I-Pad...sheesh it has a quick response so we barely noticed that our paws had even done that, MOL!!

Enjoy the rest of the day and stay warm safe, dry and cozy!
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Our Caturday Greet You With Some More Happy Mew Year Thoughts

Yup, the number is still small, the year is furry young yet, and it is Saturday, so we are showing you some old art that meowmy helped us make a few months, no years ago...those new years keep adding up, MOL!
Here we are together:
Now meowmy you can't post anymore holiday pics at least until the next one...that would be the hearts one all about love...MOL!
But...we love you here, all of our pals, old and newly we wanted to let you know that we really do wish you a happy 2015! In Artsy form! And we have joined up with Athena's Caturday Art Blog hop!
Thanks for hosting this!

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy Mew Year Greetings!!

Its Happy New Year, today!
OMC, it is now 2015!
Meowmy can hardly even imagine it...when she was a little girl it would have seemed beyond the imagination to reach where we are now in terms of the calendar...

So many blessings to be thankfur about, despite the sad or bad things we are privileged to be here with you all today and to bask in the love and furendship of those who live with us, care fur us and yes, blog with us!

Meowmy has to leave for  her work shortly; it is cloudy and dull and yesterday she was too are digging into the archives to greet you with our mews fur a furry Happy Mew Year!

Happy New Year to all!