Sunday, February 15, 2015

Selfies For Valentine's Day

Sure, its a day too late but we can still have fun since it was on a weekend therefur we get to catabrate all weekend long! And furthermore, since yesterday was also our Gotcha Day we are extending the fun fur that reason too:))
Ooh, I am being suave, MOL!

Sorry 'bout that shadow, the bouquet is to blame...

We hope you all had a great time giving love to your beloveds and furmilies. We know we sure did!!

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine/Gotcha Day To Us!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!
Happy Gotcha Day to us!! MOL!
We are Valentine's kitties imagine that! We think it means we are loved beyond measure fur sure cause we were both 'gotted' on the same day...but from diffurent parts of the city.
We were teeny tiny kittens and fluffy as well!

We got to do a lot of cuddles and snuggles with the peeps today, it was a day off fur meowmy and pawppy too...and since the weather was not too nice outside they stayed home! Hooray. Well, they did go out fur a brief while to have their own dinner date, but they came home befur dark:))
This morning they did have to go outside to clean up yet another dump of snow, and the wind was ferociously whipping up drifts as they tried to make progress...clean up a section, start the next one; look back and groan because the furst section was already half filled in, sigh...not so much from snowfall, but from the wind making the fluffy snow on the ground to be moved alll over the place, even making whiteouts in our own driveway. Wow!
We sure hope any feral creatures can find food and shelter in these harsh conditions.

Dog-guy was at a Blogville Heart to Heart dance all day. While there were a lot of kitties there, we didn't mind staying home in our warm quiet den, MOL! Maybe dog-guy will bring a doggy bag home fur us to sample some of the noms! He went as a bachelor-pup, but we think he likely just wanted an excuse to check out all the gal-pups he could, MOL!

A Sweet Gotcha Day memento from Tundra (from Catster)
Thanks Tundra and your gang fur this wonderfur memento!
We hope all of you are having a most romantic and lovely Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Its That Selfie Time Again!

Do we really have to kiss the monkey dude??

I am in my hidey hole in the old condo and I will go and hide again after a quick paw on the shutter button...

I spy with my little eye...and I know there is a kitty behind me there too...MOL!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Um...look at that!
Hey, Pipo, look at all that snow we have!
What? Um...Can I just get my belly rubbed...

No one to rub on me, so I will just go back to contemplating all my furry deposits...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super-Stretchy Sunday Selfies

We are stretching as an exercise to get ready fur hard work...the peeps are stretching their muscles digging out...literally...from a huge dump of snow; from what is named 'Winter Storm Linus'... The measuring stick said 8 1/2 inches, and after the peeps worked for over three hours, including with a pleasant and furry helpful neighbor ( a highschool student...)there was already about 3 more inches...and more coming still as we mew this to you all. The weatherman dude says we may get up to 18 inches...OMC:(
So now its dark,and the wind howls and the peeps are rubbing their overly stretched muscles and joints...and pawyering that in the daylight tomorrow they may find their vehicles. And that the plow comes by without putting too much back into the driveway, um...good luck with that!

So the churches around here were all cancelled, and schools will also be closed tomorrow, and even the public works department where pawppy works only is requiring the snow plow drivers and related workers to show pawppy can stay at home:) Howevfur meowmy has to go to her work tomorrow, but not until second shift. But...after doing all the shoveling she and pawppy anticipate, she will be so pooped, like having done her shift already...pawppy, maybe its time to relent and get a snow blower?!

Pipo stretching to click the shutter...

Super Stretched out Minko, MOL!

Minko in a stretch...see how gaunt he looks:(

On our sidewalk...befur it was shoveled out the furst time...snow's still falling...3 inches fell while the driveway was getting cleared...sigh...

The snow is so high, you can't hardly see our tires...

8-1/2 inches and counting

View during the 'big snow' aka Winter Storm Linus

We are so glad we are cozy and warm in our own nest...and can stretch 'just because'!
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