Monday, June 29, 2015

Meowmy's Ouchie Sunday Selfies

That's right, we are watching meowmy grimace and limp, too.. as she deals with yet another calamity in her doings of life.
She joined a gym...and promptly fell off the treadmill as soon as she started...OMC!
She was trying to enter her target heart rate, but little did she know she was increasing the speed! Oops:(
Down, down she went, even though she had a good grip on the handle bars...that belt just would not let her put her feet on the sides to get off of it.
So from ankle to knee she has a big angry ouchy friction burn. It was 'fun' working the last two shifts she said...good thing she is off until Thursday.
The peeps she works with said why didn't you call off...well furstly its a weekend, so that is bad..and staying home wouldn't make it feel any better, than going to work. In fact working took her mind off of the nagging burning pains. She put some antiseptic and numbing spray on it which helps a bit fur a short while.
Hopefully it will get better bit by she can go back to the gym and try again! Oh-oh...

She always manages to find a way to get into trouble when most others would not.
We told her she needs to join forces with Jan, from Jan's Funny Farm...on second thought, maybe not! MOL!

Here are  pics of the disaster...and a new use fur our kitty condo, a perch fur leg selfies!!

We hope you are not dealing with those kinds of things...and that you all are having a wonderfur Sunday, with a great week ahead!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dominating On Not So Mewless Wednesday

OK, We are Meezers, and we are dominating the kitty world in Blog-land to mew, MOL! So there:)
Its supposed to be Mewless Wednesday...but this week we are going to show the world that kitties are the boss..., yup we will and we are!
We are just pretending to watch the red dot...cause we already have got dog-guy groveling up there, MOL!

Ok, Just pretend we don't see he comes...

*You* Want to pass by??

    See how he's shaking, we got him all worried, MOL

Look,We made him sing!

Aw, look, he's begging meowmy to make us let him pass by...

The sneak, he's scared silly, but we shall whap him if he gets too close...

Look, Minko, he's sucking up to you! I will guard you, just in case....
 No pup is going to be the boss of us kitties, MOL!

How did you practice dominationing today??

(Note from meowmy: Pardon the poor color and quality, these were taken by lamp light at 1130 pm...sigh...)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day Sunday Selfies

It is Father's Day today!
We love our Pawppy!

So, here we are in some images with him...though we look like we would rather be somewhere else, MOL! We think that flashy box might have been the reason..even though the flash is nevfur used...go figure!

And our appawlogies, these are not truly selfies,  MOL!

As you can see, Pipo is more relaxed, he surely is the kitty that has chosen Pawppy to be his man!
Minko seems to only enjoy pawppy when meowmy is not 'available', MOL!!

We hope you all have a wonderfur Father's Day! And if there is no father in your furmily, just pretend the significant purrson is the honored peep of the day!

Yesterday Minko ate three bites of his noms all by himself! Whoo-hoo, call the newspaper!
But not today...oh well...
He even played a lot last evening killing his nip toys, peekaboo in pawppys' shirts and chasing Pipo, MOL! Pawppy said he looks better a lot since last month, when he started his only if he would eat all the time by himself...and more than three bites!

We are joining up with the regular Sunday Selfie Blog Hop!
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Friday, June 19, 2015

Into Boxes for International Box Day

We are into our boxes today...well,  Minko just jumps in; Pipo, well, he is a box kitty only if he deems it worthy, MOL!

So just befur meowmy goes to her work, we are joining up with this fun blog hop...right into out box!
I think I see a box!

Well, this covered box was comfy but I gotta check out the other one there...
Just right...I think...
Yup, I can appawsiate this box...

Ahhh, so just right and it even has a head holder-upper, MOL!
Pipo thinks he may have to exit this wee box...

On second thought, he thought maybe, just maybe...

Yes, Its pretty decent, even if its snug! I can make use of the head platform, too, MOL!
Have a great Box Day and do lots of box-sitting!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stairway Mewless Wednesday

I think I can see something interesting in the tree out there...

I'll just meditate and be mewless...

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Flag Day Selfie Sunday ~ Oldies Revisited

Its Flag Day, today!
We cannot put our flag up on our porch today,because it is pouring  and windy and even stormy. Last night at meowmy's work there was a tornado warning, even...that was scary, and she had to help get all the residents of the nursing home out of their rooms, into the hallway...her hallway was filled with a mixture of 45 residents in beds, wheelchairs and staff...all they needed then was icecream and cake to have fun in their weather imposed social gathering, MOL! At least God spared them anythuing bad:))

Anyways as you can see, meowmy is working and so she dug up an oldie picture of us to help us catabrate Flag Day.

Picture taken in 2010

 Remember: Fly your flag proudly!!

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Selfies and Sunday Amewsings...

This is Mrs Hummer-burd...Mr Hummer-burd didn't want to do a selfie, MOL! And Pipo tried to get out the window to grab one. OMC!

I Was bummed because when I tried to jump out the window to catch that Hummer-burd, meowmy shut the window and thwarted me from my fun:(
Lets just chill here, Pipo, the sun is out!

Not sure if Pipo is too interested in watching the big screen TV...sunpuddles or not...

 And in case you want to see what fun selfie went on our dog-guy's was a frog!

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cat Hugging Day

Well, it was supposed to be called Hug Your Cat Day, but we don't have any of those, MOL!!
Meowmy always holds the flashy(not)box, and pawppy , well, we nevfur think to ask him! Teehee...maybe sometime we will...

Anyways we do have a picture of us hugging each other!

Its from years ago, taken on Feb 1, 2008. Wow, Long befur meowmy did anything with us kitties online, MOL! Pipo is on the 'bottom, Minko is fast asleep...

Have  huggingly great day!!


Meowmy was finally able to access the Tanya CRF website. Wow, there is a ton of great and furry helpfur info there.
So now Minko is getting Pepcid, B12 and fish oil, and slippery elm, as well as the prescription steroids.
He still will not eat on his own, but he throws up a bit less often, and seems more content, and hides less...all good signs:)
Now to get him to eat by himself...

Thanks fur all the purrs and pawyers and fur those who gave helpfur info about food, meds and Tanya's Website.

Mewless Short Tails On Wednesday