Sunday, July 26, 2015

We Are Not Able To Post Pictures For Sunday Selfies

Meowmy is bummed, and so are we, because though her IPad is filled with lots of pictures including selfies, Meowmy has no idea how to get them on our blog. It seems to be a lot different to upload them to our blog than when we do this on the bigger laptop. Go figure.
The laptop is in the confuser  hospital for at least a while we can post pics with URLs we cannot post new images...silly tech challenged Meowmy!

Minko saw the vet peeps a few days ago, and now he is on continued prednisolone, cerenia, b12shots weekly, and an appetite stimulant. Also he is on pEpcid, which he already was taking.Still though he has to be hand fed....but there is nothing amiss with his biting/chewing mechanism, he sneaks out regularly, to snag some grass, and promptly chucks it up all over the floor/carpet. Ugh.
Then Meowmy was charging the IPad, and um...the Minko Monster struck again. He chewed right through the lightening cable...Minko three...pocketbook empty. Sheesh!
And the innocent creature is now lying in front of Meowmy as she types and he is purring away...
He had his Pepcid when Meowmy got home from work, and now soon he will get his Noms...

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ealy Morning Light Selfies For Sunday ~ Posted Late, MOL!!

These selfies were taken in early morning light, giving them an aura and orangeness...but we liked them enough to share em with all of you:) But sorry its not morning anymore, MOL!
Pipo, of course as usual didn't want to look at his selfie while taking it..such a bashful dude, OMC!!
Minko must have triggered the camera button by telepathy of his blue eyed stare. Amazing!  MOL!

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Angel Selfie

We are not able to access or add any new pictures to our confuser right now, so we are snagging a URL from another web site we are members of...which some of you know...and we found this nice image of meowmy's furst Kitty...He was called Groucho, and he came to live with meowmy and pawppy in 1988, when he was about 7, and he enjoyed their love fur about another 11 years.

He sure had those cross eyes, MOL!

We were able to find a way to join in the blog hop despite the issues...its a selfie blog hop, hosted by The Cat On My Head.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Treat Winning and Thank Mew, (A Furry MewfulPost On Mewless Wednesday)

We won Bravo Treats From a Lone Star Cats giveaway contest.
They arrived yesterday. We heard the crinkly bags and came to check it out...and dog-guy came a sniffing too.

Well, Minko got a piece of freeze dried salmon...and shunned it. Same with the chicken treats. Egads, they smelled so yummy even to meowmy.
Pipo got his turn to check them out, and he rejected the salmon, but he did try to sample the chicken. He licked it, picked it up, chewed a bit and then left it on the floor. Sheesh.
Zero for two going here...

Thanks Travis, Crockett and Angelique fur letting us win these treats!
Dog-guy loves them, MOL!!

Dog guy, well a cursary sniff followed by a gobble and a gulp...and begging fur more where that came from! OMC!!

At least someone liked them...sorry Travis and seems that the felines here are way too picky...sigh...

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Post Fourth of July ~ Holiday Sunday Selfies

Yesterday was Independence Day; the Fourth Of July!
Howevfur meowmy did not have a holiday...she had to give up her day off as it was her turn to work on a holiday...
Which means she also had to give up going to our region's annual balloon festival and air show, known as the Field of Flight.

She did get a wee glimpse of one of the big jets, and a few glimpses of balloons floating through the she peered through the windows of residents rooms.
Oh well, next year she can go, because someone else will get to work, MOL!

We tried our best to get some patriotic selfies befur she went to work... well, you all know how that can go, OMC!

Here we are:

In other news and mews, Minko reains stable, but meowmy still ha to feed him. Vomits happen less, and runny do-do are less too...sheesh, how meowmy wants him to eat by himself.
Pipo might need stairs, he seems to limp a little after big jump downs from his perches. Maybe he needs some glucosamine such as dog-guy gets and meowmy too:)

Speaking of meowmy her ankle still swells up when she is at work, but the redness is leaving, as well as the pains in her leg. She hopes it heals up pretty soon, she is fed up with her troubles, MOL!!

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mews On Wednesday: Happy Birthday Canada!

Today is the 148th Birthday of Canada! So even though its mewless Wednesday, we just had to MIAOW our greetings!
Howevfur when its July Fourth, The Birthday of the USA, meowmy will be working...she was off last year, so now she has to let others enjoy the day.

Here is a link to MrJackFreckles Blog, as he posted some images from the doings at our airport today...Enjoy the fun ovfur there as well as here...

Meowmy's ugly leg wounds are gradually getting better, The doctor prescribed 2 antibiotics and another one to put right on the wounds. OMC! Our pharmacy gives some antibiotics for no cost, but the little tube of special ointment for her leg cost 42 dollars, Wow!
At least they all seem to be doing the now the swelling and redness are slowly going away.