Sunday, August 30, 2015

Selfies On Sunday

Well, this is unusual, MOL! mostly its Pipo who doesn't want to do a selfie, but today it was Minko who declined...he just wanted to relax!
It was a dank and dreary day, the rains came down or it drizzled.and what better time to just lounge?

Minko may need another trip to the vet or a phone consult about changing/adjusting his medicines...(Pepcid, Mirtazapine, Prednisone, B12-injectable, Cerenia, slippery elm and fish oil, as well as probiotics), or maybe other food, he is not getting any with that carrrageenan in it so we are not sure what to do...anypaws, he has less time between feeding sessions else he vomits, and each night when meowmy comes home from work she is bound to find at least one or more yucky messes...on the carpet of course...the few bites he took a while back, have not continued...sigh...and today meowmy noticed some blood in his rather loose doo-doo...which was mucousy too.
The poor dude, no wonder all he wants to do is lounge.

We still once again mew our thanks to all of you kind furs in Blogville who sent POTP fur dog-guy...he thankfully, while still wobbly doesn't appear sick anymore:)

Meowmy was so tied up with all her doings, those of dog-guy and Minko...she appawlogizes fur being rather AWOL of not answering your kind comments, or commenting in many blogs, either. We have read some, but time didn't allow fur comments. We shall *try* to catch up!!One of these days, MOL!

This Sunday Selfie Blog-hop is hosted by The Cat On My Head

Friday, August 28, 2015

Our Angel Kitties

We have four angel kitties in our furmily.
Zee and Zoey have made a special day to honor our angels, and it is a blog hop, too.
So we decided to post pictures of our angel furblings.

These were all made on a  35mm camera and the pictures were later scanned onto  the confuser...meowmy did not have a digital camera until we were a few years old...

Our first kitty angel is Groucho.
He was meowmy and pawppy's first kitty after they got married.

Then there is Simba.
Next we honor Suki.

And lastly we remember Toki.

So there we have shared our angels with you all...sending love to these angels and to all
the others who are being remembered and so treasured and cherished forever in the hearts of those who knew them.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Not Mewing Too Much Fur Mewless Wednesday

Though we are supposed to be mewless, we want to thank all who sent POTP and pawyers fur our dog-guy, he is doing a lot better. Phew!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sunday Selfies Have Become Tuesday Looks!

That happened because we got all bogged down well, meowmy did, with her work, the unfurbros were home and dog-guy was sick. Phew!
At least he is getting better, and thank mew all so furry much fur all your purrs and POTP, it was welcome and appawsiated so much.
Now he is getting better and eating...but he still does have some trouble going down steps or 'shaking his feathers out' as meowmy calls it, MOL! Sometimes he just falls ovfur and then he gets right back up and looks as if to say, well, I meant to do that.

Anypaws, we are here so furry late but we still wanted to join up to the selfie blog hop.

This is what meowmy has to put up with a lot...Minko likes to use her sandals as his scratcher space,  but only when they are on her feet, MOL! Sorry fur the blurry pics, but you can see what he is doing...
A Sandal Scratching Selfie, MOL!!

We are joining up to the Cat On My Head for the Selfies Blog Hop

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Way, Way Back, Wordless Wednesday


gotta get this spot too...



Can you hear the snores??

These are oldies, and truth be told, meowmy doesn't remember if we showed you these before, MOL! But since she was busy, we just dug into our old archives of pictures....from ca, we were young uns then!

Can you spare some purrs fur our dog-guy?? He is not well at all...

MJF Aug 18th

MJF Aug 19th

And thanks to the many of you who already have sent him your purrs and pawyers.
Sorry that we have not visited your blogs of late, sick furs make fur much less time to pay our furends a visit...but we have not furgotten you at all.


We know this is wordless Wednesday, but we have to purr this message to some of our pals too:

Astrid and Lisbeth from The Cat On My Head had a birthday last Sunda...we sent them cards, but we think they may have not gotten them so here they are:

Also Marley had a birthday and we sent him a card, but we think he may also not have seen it...

Happy Belated Birthday to all! MOL!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Close-up Sunday Selfies

Today is Sunday...well, it was, and meowmy is really late, its more Monday than Sunday, sheesh!
She was gone a lot today, with pawppy, and then when she got back instead of doing things here fur us, she decided it was high time to work in the  yard cleaning up, before dark...well, we are now...

Minko has decided today was also a good day to decorate the floor more than he has been least meowmy caught him in time to get him to the privacy of the bathroom...where there is no carpet, MOL!
He has only taken a couple of more bite since that hopeful day last week...and now Pipo is on to the food buffet up there, so we can't leave any out for Minko to graze on, because Pipo will just clean it all up...he doesn't need any extra noms, the rascal!

Here are our selfies for this week:

We have joined the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop at The Cat On my Head

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sunday Selfie ~ Picnic Style

We won some pawsome crocheted toys from Phoebe ~ 15 andmeowing,
 who had a contest to identify some plants that were bad (or OK), fur kitties. ( Tummy Tuesday)
So we got a drumstick, a fish and an ice-cream cone! Purrfect fur a summertime picnic! Thanks Phoebe! We love them!!

Anyways, here are some pictures and some selfies, since its also selfie Sunday:)

Oh, my, a parcel for me and Pipo?

Do I really need this in my nest, meowmy??

I smell...

the fine aroma...

Of Catnip!

Pipo there is nip in this package!

You don't say!

Well, you may just be...

Right! Yippee, Catnip! comes that pesky dog-guy...
Hey! What do you kitties find so interesting, am I missing anything?
Dog-guy trying to find the loot...

What a silly dog...

Our nip toys we won from Phoebe, Thank you!

Washing up before eating is always a good  and healthy idea...

Sleeping off the nip effects...stoned, in other words, MOL!

A pretend picnic basket...

Meowmy staged this...she is silly sometimes!

Well, they do make good pillows as well as nip toys!

They really *do* make good pillows!

Oh, Not *you* again...

We do not need you at our picnic...stop photobombing our session of showing our prize to our pals!

Pipo is just not the nip addict when he knows a camera is around...and eventhough no flashes evfur go off, he still thinks he is bashful or just camera shy. Good pics of him are at a premium, MOL!

Minko seems to have enjoyed them the most, maybe he is the hungriest kitty here, MOL! Meowmy sure wishes he was…
Last night he got his meds, including the appetite stimulant…and wouldn’t you know it in about 10 minutes he was crooning, purring, pawing and MIAOWING loudly…so…mummy put him in his feeding spot, and he gobbled up about 3 teaspoons of his noms all by himself! OMC!! And again this early am, he ate some more when pawppy put some out. But…not at lunchtime…he just pretended to cover it up and stalked off…sigh...back to the spoon feeding…

Anyways, here are some pictures and some selfies, since its also selfie Sunday:)

We are linked up to the regularly featured Sunday Selfies, Hosted by The Cat On My Head. Its their 52 week…a whole year of selfies already!! OMC!

We are linked up to the regularly featured Sunday Selfies, Hosted by The Cat On My Head. Its their 52 week…a whole year of selfies already!! OMC!
Concats to The Cat On my Head for all the many weeks of fun selfies!!