Monday, October 26, 2015

Better Late Than Never Selfies

Our meowmy is in danger of being fired, she said she was too busy to post our selfies now we are here on Monday, late but still here at any rate...

Anypaws, here are our selfies:

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We hope you all have a good week!

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Yup, furnally we are showing off some tocks...MOL! Pardon us, but some of them are a bit less than pawrfect...but anyways that's cause tocks are the end of us and we like to be in the forefront, OMC!! Not too proud, are we, MOL!!

OK, There you have some tocks...

Now here are some purrpurr selfies!

Not much else to off to work we will let meowmy go!

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Number Ten To our pal, Mario!

Mario turned 10 on Oct we asked meowmy to help us choose a birthday card fur him.

Happy Birthday Mario from Pipo & Minko!!

We hope you had a great catabration and the pawrty on your blog was fun!
Sorry about the belatedness of this, meowmy was at work and did not get in till about 2am...sigh...


And we are thanksfur that we were able  to have meowmy help us, and we were bl to visit you at your pawrty!

We are thankfur that we are warm inside, its quite cold out here and purrhaps it may freeze, tonight or tomorrow...the furst time this season.

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Thanksgiving Selfies On Sunday

This is Thanksgiving weekend...tomorrow is Thanksgiving for our Canadian furends and Meowmy too.
So we thought we would show you some selfies with a harvest type theme. Even dog-guy was in the mood, MOL!
Happy Thanksgiving!! Meomwy thinks gourds are quite cooperative and pretty for selfies, MOL!

Sniffing a gourd selfie

Still sniffing in case there might be nip involved

Pipo was leery of the selfie shutter noises...sigh...

He felt safer in his condo cell

Minko is thinking about things...

He thinks these gourds are taking up valuable space on his perch...

Pipo is more relaxed now...a better selfie? Hmmm.....

Minko still wants to say let me have *all* my space, Meowmy

Pipo thought he needed to keep a safe distance in a dark recessed hole...MOL!

Now all of us shall have to wait fur the real least the one we offurcially catabrate, since we live in Michigan. Meowmy has to go to work this weekend, and she will be off fur Thanksgiving in November. That will be the feast day!

Minko didn't do too well, on a trial of reduced steroids...he started with the runny poops, and more upchucking. Sheesh. So we will likely go back to evfurry 2 days instead of evfurry three days as we were trying. Of course he still won't eat by himself...meowmy is beginning to think he might nevfur eat off a plate again...sigh...its been a year now...But, at least he seems to be doing OK, and is so much better than when this all started. Its Thanksgiving, so we are thankfur!!

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Sunday, October 4, 2015


Minko is letting Pipo know that its another 'Two-fur Selfie Sunday', MOL!

It was good to have some nice warn sunshine to bask in, but it does mess with exposure...
The sun *was* out when we took these selfies, but now its dull, dank and dreary...jut a good day to do nothing...good thing, because meowmy has to go to her work.
We will soon jump up on Pawppy to help him have a good nap...Zzzzzzzzz.......

Meowmy is trying to wean Minko from alternate days of steroids to every third day. Hope it will be OK for him.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oct Two Is An Impawrtant Day

And our meowmy was too busy to help us mew anything to you about it...oh well, we'll do it toady, MOL!

Yesterday our Unfurbro-the-elder got to be a quarter century of age, wow that makes being 25 sound really ancient. MOL! We didn't get to see him though, but meowmy says so far he doesn't look a day older...the pawrents went out to greet him and fete him with purrsents and wine and a dinner, too. They had a yummy meal together, but no kitty/doggy bag came home with them to share the plunder or yumminess...

And believe it or not, meowmy and pawppy didn't even take any pictures of the birthday boy, let alone the noms. Sheesh.

And it was also an impawrtant day in other ways.

Befur Unfurbro-the-elder was born our peeps had Groucho. His birthday was Oct 2!! So Unfurbro-the-elder sure picked a good day to arrive! MOL!!

Manytoes from Catster sent him a birthday card that she helped her catretary to make:

After our Angel Simba left the earth to be an angel, (Angel Groucho had a brofur who though much younger sadly preceeded him to the RB at the age of seven.), meowmy was looking to get another meezer to be a furend fur the now lonely Groucho. She discovered Suki. And drove herself into the wilds of our county (getting lost, it was befur the days of GPS, MOL!), to Gotcha her...and the lady said her birthday was Oct 2!! Imagine that!
So of course this little Suki had to come to our furmily too!
She sadly left to join Simba at the RB when she was 11. She had a seizure disorder, kidney issues and other troubles due to getting older.
But we had a happier day of remembering her along with Groucho yesterday...

Manytoes also commissioned her catretary to make her a card:

Thanks Manytoes!

See you all hopefully on Selfie Sunday! (Meowmy is working this weekend...)