Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ibex Selfies Joining the Donkey, MOL!

Meowmy thinks these are Ibex. Taken in 2008, near Zevenbergen, The Netherlands
These critters were quite curious of the flashy box meowmy was holding in her hand, and came right up to check it out and to have their selfie(s) taken:)) Meowmy loves their expressions!

Now here we are...

I stretched and stretched and then I got that little button clicked...and then I went back to sleep...

I am under the dining room table, about to take some shut eye in the sun puddles, but stopped fur a moment to oblige you with this selfie...

We had to take a trip in those little cages on Black Friday. Meowmy didn't go and do the crowd dodging stuff...but she did take us to the stabby place again, presumably fur some booster stab in the backside...sheesh, what a way to finish a holiday catabration:(
When we got there, I, Minko had tinkled in that little box, Pipo mewed that it was a good thing we each had our own. The kind folk there cleaned out the carrier, bagged the wet towel and then took me to get my pantaloons washed off...sheesh...
Pipo was so not impressed that he tried to no avail to get back into the PTU...but wasn't allowed until the stabbing was completed, MOL!

On the way home we furgot to protest with singing meezer carols, though we did do our variations of all of them on our way there:)) Meowmy said real o-purr-a is nicer, well, what nerve!

Minko had his ears checked on account of that they were red on the inner  side, and some crusting was going on. Meowmy can feel the heat too. And she asked about his runny doo-doos. So now vet lady said to up the prednisolone again for a few more weeks...sigh...and she added Tylan. Appawrently that helps with runny stools, maybe it will help with the ears too, though she was not sure what that trouble was. He doesn't scratch them or rub his head on things... Meowmy hopes he isn't allergic to anything. Vet lady suggested another diet some product meowmy has heard of before..and its full of corn and other thank you! Not corn, that is fur burds.

She did speak of some other kind of prescription noms, but it only comes in dry form, so that will not work, Minko vomits each time he even samples Pipo's kibbles...
So the saga continues...

Well, off to bed fur all of us! MIAOW!

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Taking Some Time To Be Thankkful

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
We hope you enjoy a fine day with furends and furmily.
And above all Be Thankful!

Since meowmy is quite busy with all the necessary purr-purr-ations, we are reposting some pictures she compiled of us into 'cards' to greet you all and wish you a furry Happy Thanksgiving indeed!


Monday, November 23, 2015

Its Snow-Fly Selfie Time!!

Meowmy braved snow and more snow yesterday, she cleaned up lots of it...along with pawppy. It took them over 2 1/2 hours to get it was heavy wet snow, and there was about an inch of water at the bottom of the snow blanket...since it was going to freeze they had to clean it up, even though in  a couple of days its supposed to be a lot warmer again.

There was at least 8 inches...maybe more, they furgot to get out the yardstick befur they shoveled, MOL!
We must say it was furry pretty! But...we are evfur so happy we can be inside kitties!

When meowmy was out in the snowy yard today, she saw 2 furry crazy things...flies! OMC! Big fat ones in the snowbank, go figure. The sun was out so they must have felt warm enough to 'wake up' and then they flew to their likely they hardly wiggled when meowmy touched them.
They are going to be our title selfie today, though we will have some of us too, MOL!
We wish they had flown into our den instead, it would have been fun to chase, catch and crunch on them...wheeeeee! you know, we love to swat at them when they are in the lampshade, but we have no idea why meowmy hates that.

Just look at this dude, he thinks he is cool, MOL!

The snow sure was sparkling in the sunshine!

Somehow our van figured out how to take  selfies, too, MOL!

Sheesh, even the road is taking selfies today!

Our furst snowfall, purrty, but too much all at once...sigh...

Pussywillow wannabe!

This was taken when the snow was still reminds meowmy of some kind of creature, having a conversation with its offspring, OMC!!

Wanna sit out on the patio??

And here we both are...a double-selfie; a two-fur!
We wish all of you a furry Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!


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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our selfies are here ...late again, MOL!!

We finally have gotten meowmy to sit down and post our selfies...its now about 2 am on Tuesday...well, we concede that is better than lst week when they didn't get up till mach later than that! MOL!

Not much happening here right now, nothing bad, nothing new...boring!
Well, Minko took a few bites of his old noms...but this escalated his runny doo-doo issues...YUCK!
He gets a probiotic each morning along with his other meds.
Does anyone know what else can be done fur this trouble?? Pumpkin makes him worse, fur him its not good...sigh...
Can a kitty take immodium??

Dezi mentioned about the Wysong noms, but OMC, that kind of food is way out our budget. He wasn't having anything to do with another good noms which was also furry pricey. Pawppy says us fur kids are eating more costly noms than the peeps here, MOL!! Hey, we want to stay healthy! We might just try to find a sample of that Wysong, then if its good we just might use it, pricey or not.

Meowmy got her tote bag from Lola the Rescued Kitty!  Wow, we both could fit in there, MOL!

OK, here are our selfies fur this week:

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sunday Selfies at the Last Minute, Phew!! MOL!

Meowmy took us to 'jail', though she called it a vacation spot fur kitties. OMC!
The kind ladies there said we were good kitties and she released us back to our meowmy but only after meowmy left a bunch of green papers there as bail...

You would think that we would appawsiate being home, and that after being fed by a strange hand...that eating here would be normal. Nope...Minko only was smelling his noms...and meowy still has to feed him. No miracles there.
We didn't hiss and fight each other when we got home. Meowmy sprayed Feliway all over evfurrything here, MOL!
Then we slept and curled up together. After that we had to check the whole den ovfur to make sure it was all in proper order. MOL!

Meowmy had to abandon us to a jailer so that she could go and visit her sister and Aunt. Her Aunt celebrated her 96th birthday, Wow!

Also we discovered a package on meowmy;s desk. It smelled vaguely furmiliar and it also smelled good...catnip good that is, Both of us started to bite the package so meowmy helped us open it. Wow! Our own mail from 15 Cats and Meowing!
There was a cute Snoopy catnip mat, and some crocheted items, too. A pumpkin, a fish and a drumstick!

Well, we are furry late this week getting our selfies in, but we will furgive meowmy...
She is going to be furry busy with lots of chores and her job in the next several days, so we might still not be able to visit too much...sigh...but we love and think a lot of all of you!
Thanks Miss Ellen!

Thank You, Miss Ellen

We look a teeny bit yellow here on account of the late afternoon sunshine here...makes for golden images...

Here is Meowmy and her Aunt:

Meowmy and her Aunt
Arendina W.  ~   Nov 7, 2015

Happy 96th Birthday, Tante Arendina!
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dona Nobis Pacem Peace Blog

This is the first time we have participated in this blog for peace.

This is where we are linked to, its a gathering of peace mined bloggers...

Dona-Nobis-Pacem-Peace and Power of Love.

So here is our peace image complete with a globe, because of course we pray that world peace will be a reality, sooner than later. May God help it happen.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Flashback Selfies

Meowmy is working this weekend...and soon she will be packing her bags to go and visit her sister and her Aunt fur a few days, (Her Aunt hopes to be 96!) with all the chores and preparations surrounding her work hours, she said we could post selfies if we searched the large drawers full of our many archives...OMC!
A Daunting task.
Wait, wasn't Oct 31 Meowloween??
Hey, we seem to remember some pics she tried to capture of us in costumes, least no longer does she do that to us...OK, that settles it, we shall hunt fur selfies from Days of yore when we were younger and maybe too unwise to let her get us dressed up, MOL!!

Minko 2010
Pipo 2010

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Meowmy has' hunted' herself, too...she found a vet, long established in our area, who she actually has met the now grown up children of when our unfurbros were still in grade school, taking swimming lessons! And they raised farm animals for 4H and won ribbons...but we think that is not what this blog post is about, meowmy...
(Unfurbro the younger was informed by his boss that he had to go to Chicago the same time that meowmy will be gone...shucks.)
Anypaws, this vet office also has a pet boarding place, for many years. The vet techs help to run it as well as the vet's family. They were willing, sight unseen to take both of us and even to hand feed Minko the way meowmy does, with a tiny spoon...and give him his meds, too.
There were two other discovered boarding places, but one was not too thrilled about feeding she put an x through that contact. The third one had some strange rules about pick up and delivery of pets...and even though it was fairly close, well meowmy put an x through that one too, MOL! The one we will visit for our staycation is the furthest away, go figure...about 45 minutes drive.

Dog-guy will stay at home to keep pawppy company. (The only reason Pipo will go too is to keep Minko company.)

A few days ago, both of us went to see the new vet. We were deemed healthy, at least I, Pipo was, and Minko seems to be doing OK, though of course the feeding issues continue. A whole year now...sigh...
He gained a few ounces, so meowmy knows she is doing well with her feeding technique and schedule. Vet wrote a letter fur meowmy to copy and give to the boarding vet, so that they will not be too taken aback at his 'spawsial needs', MOL!

Of course we got the usual routine and indignities of poking and prodding, etc...and then the stabbies, OUCH! Oh well, no more of those fur a while! Our teeth are OK too.
Pipo has lost about a pound ovfur the past year, meowmy was happy about that cause she has him on a grain free low gycemic noms. And she tries to get him to exercise when its playtime:)

This office places towels sprayed with feliway over the pet carriers or even the pets themselves if they are 'in arms'. So we did feel quite calm during all of this.
When we got home, and meowmy opened the carriers, Minko hissed mightily at Pipo, and even whapped him. Later he chased and attacked him, OMC;(  This went on for two days, wow. Then somehow the aggressiveness went away and now they are  back to being nest buddies. This worries meowmy because if we are housed together in a strange environment, will Minko go all aggressive to Pipo again? Meowmy thinks this is some kind of displaced aggression to relieve stress that Minko was feeling??

Meowmy says that although this weekend has been duck weather, cold, dank and drizzly, and windy as well; she is happy it wasn't that white stuff or ice.
And those poor children going door to door for the trick or treating. We think it was just fine fur us to be here at home,warm and cozy and safe.

Since meowmy is going away, we may not be able to visit you much...not sure if there will be selfies either next week...*maybe* late ones again, MOL!!