Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pawppy Is Home! And We Had A Big Snow...And We Sort Of Made Selfies For Sunday...

We wish to thank all of you on pawppy's behalf, fur all the fervent purrs and pawyers! How they were appawsiated and helpfur indeed.

Pawppy came home past the midst of that snowstorm, there was ovfur a foot of snow when all was said and done. Way too much...and meowmy had to clean it up by herself. She shoveled 4 times on Wednesday and again two times on Thursday. Else she would have keeled ovfur. It was heavy and wet. We say she should have made snow kitties, not snow mountains...and today its in the 40's and sunny, so the snow is all in melting mode. But wait...that naughty weatherman said we were going to get more?? yup...on Tuesday...ugh.
A nice neighbor came by with his tractor/plow and helped, meowmy sure was gratefur fur that!

Pawppy is doing furry well. he can do whatevfur he wants, but no lifting. He cannot even lift up Pipo cause Pipo is too heavy fur the restriction. MOL!!

Minko got really up close and keeps trying to give headbonks when pawppy is eating his meals, silly kitty. He missed him a lot...
Pipo is still trying to lead pawppy through the den, telling him where to go. He chirps and mrouws, walks ahead, looks back to make sure pawppy is following and then proceeds cute! If pawppy stops, Pipo lays down and begs a belly rub, MOL!!

Dog-guy nearly stubbed pawppy's nose, he tried to jump up to give him a kiss...silly pup!

Pipo & Minko jostling to get the best spot with Pawppy

Pawppy with Minko

Pawppy with Pipo

We are holding pawppy in his chair so he can have a good rest:)

I love to give pawppy head-bonks!

This is an exquisite chins scritch...soon to be a belly rub, MOL!
Those will have to do as our selfies this week:))

Meowmy saw that there was another POTP badge fur our Pawppy...
Thank Mew, Ann from Zoolatry!

Just so you can enjoy the snow if you are so inclined...let it be known that no meowmy did not like it, nor did dog-guy...
And now we heard that there might be more coming in a few days...enough already, enough!!

From our back steps

After shoveling 4 times,the snow continued and is still quite deep on the walk.


Other side of the backyard.

A fifth start at the shoveling meowmy needs to get started digging out the vehicles.

Neighbor's backyard

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Our Pawppy Needs Big Purrs, Pawlease

Our Pawppy had to make a sudden trip to the emergency Sunday while meowmy was at work. He was admitted and had surgery right away, he was that sick. He will be fine, but he will need to stay in the hospital for a few more days, then when he gets to come home he won't be doing too much for several weeks while he heals. This means we will get lots of lap time, we hope...and our purrs will have direct access to him!
 We would crave your purrs and pawyers, too.
At least meowmy is off for a few days, since her working hours are part time.
But... On the day we once again expect to snuggle with our Pawppy, there is a storm predicted a snow event of up to seven inches of snow. UGH! Purrfect timing...sigh...

We will let you know how things are going, but we won't be visiting around as much right now.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nearly Blown Away...Powerless Sunday Selfies

Friday night was wild around here, there were wind gusts over 50 miles per hour...and some areas had even stronger winds. It was howling around here all day long, and in the evening it got even worse. Our trash bin blew over,and that thing is not small, either. Meowmy nearly got clunked on her car by a stray board from a sign...yikes.
Some of the yard things are not where they are supposed to do either, MOL!Our yard is bestrewn with twigs, branches and other messy things. The roofing material once again came off the neighbors lean to car-port. We have a tree snag (dead tree), that is leaning heavily towards the shed, and it needs to be removed...unfur the younger will be home for spring break next week so he is going to deal with that we hope...and no he won't be allowed out of that work cause the wind did not take it down for him, MOL! Thankfurly, else we would no longer have a shed...well pawppy wouldn't, MOL!

All of a sudden the power failed. Shucks. The map showed that we were right in the center of that particular outage, and our state was spotted with them like large polka dots.  OMC:(
And further;
the same map said that no crew had yet been assigned to fix it, and the power was going to be off until Sunday evening. OMC. But at least its not freezing. The temp was in the 50's, both yesterday and today.
Then the internet conked out too. So now we were out of touch with all of our furends.
Well, we *do*have a generator, so we had power in our own little world right away, it comes on all by itself when needed and it serves the whole house. Hooray. So our den was like a beacon in our village...wowee was it evfur dark outside. We could detect pinpoints of light on the highway behind our property. They still had power, it was interesting to see how that was like a border to the powered and unpowered residences, MOL!
And pawppy enabled his smat phone to connect to the internet...and voila! We could reach out to all our furneds once again. Thanks pawppy, we are not in the dark and we can still have kitty fun times:)

Well, Saturday morning when the big light came on (sun) the crews did too, and they must have found our trouble spot easily cause our power - the  real deal  -  was fixed and resumed at about 10am. We were powerless for about 14 hours. But thanks so much power fixing crews, you did great work and we thank you with all our hearts! We hope no more trees came down taking the wires with know last summer and fall, there were tree crews out around here, taking down dangerous limbs,and trimming trees around power lines...must not have taken down the right ones, cause we still had tons of outages...our county  was the worst hit in our state, OMC!
We do not think our neighbors liked the dark too much, cause they got into their cars and drove off into the dark, piercing through the darkness with the headlights on their vehicles. we have some 'taken in the darkest evening of our winter thus far' selfies to share with you.

It is good to snuggle on these wild wind whipping; tree crashing; trash bin keel-overs;   powerless dark nights!
Meowmy says she loves how Minko is 'holding' Pipo's paw in the furst picture,so sweet and comforting...

Minko tried a closeup selfie in the dim lamplight:

Pipo got his purrty good the first time:)


We are purring really hard fur our good furend, Buddy Budd, from Tomcat Commentary by Tim.
POTP and get well, Buddy Budd!


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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day ~ Happy Gotcha Day Our Sunday Selfies

Yup, We were 'gotted' on Valentine's Day 11 years ago:)

And we have been loved evfur since!!

Last night was the coldest yet this winter, one of our thermometers said -11, Brrr! That makes for good snuggly times, and what better way to spend Valentine's Day than snuggling with the ones you love?!

Pipo! Hey, its a really spawsial day, today!

But its still a good a day as any to snuggle, MOL!

OK, then, lets show them what's what, Minko!

              We sure were teeny dudes back then, OMC!! Little balls of furry fluff!

Those two cards came from Manytoes, Tundra, Rory, & Lynzee, who are some good furends from Catster...whom we think some of you might remember still:))
We send them our thanks and our love too!

Now remember its not only our Gotcha Day, its Valentine's Day!

So we made some spawsial selfies to catabrate:

Well, there you have it!!

Happy Day Of Love:
Happy Valentine's Day!!


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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sunday Selfies On Tuesday??? OMC, And Now Its MardiGras!

Wow, meowmy is too bogged down which means we were blogged down too...sigh...
We are all fine, meowmy included, but she just had lots of not kitty things going on. Not doggy things either, MOL!!
So furnally we are allowed to come by and post our bloggy hoppy...and you know maybe its not so bad we are late, cause now its Fat Tuesday!! AKA Mardi Gras. (and there were no pancakes here either, the peeps no longer indulge in that type of fare...they avoid grains mostly hence no pancakes, and its too much work to make the grainfree kind meowmy says, MOL!! They had salad, burgers (sans buns), and berries...not too shabby! Meowmy doesn't care too much fur the southern kind of cooking either, though if pawppy were not on this weightloss/maintenance program he would love it, MOL!

Meowmy herself doens't pawticipate in this revelry, but its kind of fun if you do:) You know, beads, dancing and suchlike...
Years ago when we were a lot younger she made some pictures one sunny now we can actually use them fur selfies!! MOL! We will let the goodtimes roll (back), OMC! How silly we are, tee-hee!

Minko continues his eating routine, 7 1/2  to 9 ounces of his wet noms by spoon each day, and medicines too...
Pipo eats like a piggy, he gets rations too, but its grain free low glycemic kibbles...and if he gobbles it up before the next feeding time...well, he will just have to miaow in vain...meowmy purrtends not to hear it, MOL!! Pipo would rather just play when he mrouws at her right now, he is playing wand toy...its stuck in her buttonhole, and it jiggles a bit while she types fur he jumps and paws at it, sometimes he snags it, and tries to pull it away!
Sometimes Minko joins in this game, mostly he sleeps...he likes mousies way better!

The other day when meowmy came home way too late from her work...almost 2 hours later than usual...there was a lovely festival of barf awaiting her a barf, there a barf evfurrywhere a barf...UGH, what a mess:(
We won't tell who was guilty, we might blame dog-guy...sometimes he eats so fast he chucks up there and that is our final word on the barfies...which have not happened since that night. Hooray.

Well, onward we go to the roll-backed good times selfies!
Furgive our lateness, OK??


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