Saturday, April 30, 2016

Happy Birthday To Julie

Julie from House Panthers and also known in the realm of Mickey's Musings  
is SIX years old today!! Hip Hip Hooray!

Happy Birthday to YOU Julie!

She sure is a really pretty kitty:)

Version two, corrected....

We wish you all the best and may you enjoy many more of these catabrations!!
Have a wonderfur day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Selfies with Meowmy...And Trying A New Venture---Meezers and Terrier Together

A Long post full of all of us with Meowmy/Growlmy...

This is a combined Sunday Selfie, celebrating Pet Parents Day...which was a few days ago...sorry we are so furry late...
Minko, Hugged by Meowmy
Minko is hoping to explore the way!
Like we is our doggy brofur! MrJackFreckles~aka Sir Lick-a-Lot; He is kind of a handsome dude, even in his elder years...soon he will be 14, wow!
Pipo, giving a raspberry while meowmy hugs him...MOL!
...Would like to go back inside!
Freckles getting a bit of a hug from Growlmy
I want to leave now, pawlease.
Starting a raspberry...
Giving Growlmy a raspberry...
See, I warned you I wanted to leave...
MJF sees something ...he's distracted!
MJF likes ear scritches!
We heard Sunday was Pet Pawrents Day, so we recruited some help to get the selfies done with meowmy today. Sorry we are late again...its becoming a habit!! MOL/BOL!
You also may have noticed that we changed our title/blog name to reflect a new venture. We are going to combine our two blogs...which means for a while there will be two similar posts, one on each of our former blogs. Eventually we will decide which one to keep active, or we might even post alternate weeks, one week on the doggy/kitty blog, and the next on the kitty/doggy blog. OMC!! OMD!!

Meanwhile bear with us as we have quite the technically challenged pet-cretary that we call meowmy/growlmy...
She had her helper post all pictures to her confuser, but fur some reason, none of the fixes/adjustments she made to them worked when she tried to upload them to our blog.
So she had to go back to the original set and start over...what a lot of time wasted there! Then she had to go to work, and then there were chores...and so on and so on...
Nothing exciting happening here...but that can be considered  a good thing.

We had a rainy night last night, and winds our pretty weeping cherry tree has shed most of its blooms...soon it will be all green with its leaves.
Today is also cloudy and damp and dreary...but we are not really grumbling, cause we really needed some good rain...the earth needed a drink!

Here are some other pictures from our outdoors with meowmy/growlmy session:
I really would like to not be out here, even though I am the escaper kitty, MOL!
Are we done yet, Meowmy?
If meowmy had not blinked/squinted this picture taking session would have been a lot shorter... ahem...
Pipo, you sure are Meowmy's 'big boy!'
Minko doesn't want to look at the camera, MOL!
Meowmy is hugging me else I would run away, MOL!
I can see dog-guy back there...
I sure wish I could go back inside...
Dog-guy is back,  MJF as he mostly is referred to in postings. He's getting a good ear scritch!
Looks like MJF is in thinking mode...
Distracted again, BOL!
I know you have a treat, Growlmy, I can smell it!
Can I have my treat now, growlmy?
I am going to give Growlmy...
...a big kiss!
You know, dog-guy...err, MJF, was dong a really good job at being a photobomber, he likely wanted to see if there was something interesting or yummy to be had:)
Of course all he got to see was Pipo, Pipo the one who beats up MJF, tee-hee! Helper made sure it did not happen that way...only meowmy got Minko...(he scratched her arm when he was being brought back inside...)...served her right fur taking pictures outside with two inside kitties...the nerve!
Oh No...
I am being photobombed...
By a dog...
Why don't you go away MJF?
What a stubborn terrier is that
MJF is way too close, I gotta leave, Meowmy let go of me pawlease.
Hey, This was supposed to be me and meowmy...
Meowmy why is MJF getting so close to me?
Growlmy, May I give Pipo  a lick kissie?
Be carefur you dog-guy you...
Meowmy, do something!
OMC!! A kiss from MJF...sir Lick-a-Lot! This is a furst and not evfur to be repeated event...Pipo only hopes:)
Hope you liked visiting here; all of you pups who came ovfur from the dog-guy's MrJackFreckles' blog. We may be kitties but we live with a doggy and he likes us too:)
See how polite he is??
This spawsial Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is hosted by The Cat On My Head

Monday, April 18, 2016

Rest Sweetly, Dear Angel Spooky

Many of you knew Spooky, from 15and Meowing. He had not been feeling well, and today he graduated from his earthly dwelling, and made his journey to the Realm of Angels, where he received beautiful strong wings, and  renewed eternal health.

Angel Spooky ~ April 18th, 2016

Rest well, Angel Spooky.

We send our purrs and sympathy to his furmily, we know how loved he was, and how he will be sorely missed.
If you haven't already, you can visit his furmily here.


Springtime Haiku Selfie Sunday

Daffodil Selfie!

Its Selfie Sunday!
And a Haiku Day at that!
Meezer Spring Selfies!

The sun very bright;
Delightfully warm breezes;
A lovely spring day!

So, there's our Haiku(s)
From WeBeesSiameezers;
Pipo and Minko.

Did you notice that spring has come in full bloom?All of a sudden spring just exploded here:)
What a difference a week makes, OMC!

Here is our Weeping Cherry tree today:

Whereas last week it looked like this:
April 9th

Last week our mini daffies looked like this:
April 9th

Now they look all bright like this:
April 16th

These Mini daffodils came from a discarded Easter 2015 pot, salvaged by meowmy when she was at her work.

And here we are too, our selfies of course!

Here are some more springtime pictures from here:
April 9th

April 16th

Any fur know what these and the ones below are?? We sure do not, MOL!

Not sure...same as above...


This is a sure sign of spring, MOL!

A large grape hyacinth

 In other mews, our little cousin, the granddaughter of meowmy's cousin is back in the hospital once again...she just cannot seem to throw off that infection in her lungs.

The other young girl  has had her surgery at long last and seems to be doing really well thus far:)

Meowmy's Aunt has started her treatments to try to preserve her remaining vision.

Meowmy herself went to see her oncologist for the yearly recheck...and all was deemed well...hooray!
Praise God for this blessing of continued good health and not having any evidence of her cancer troubles being there anymore. That was the road trip she mentioned the last blog entry of Sunday selfies...its about 20 mile round she made a day of it, shopping at an outlet mall a reward, MOL!!
She only bought one small item fur herself, and then she bought several more things to use as gifts at a shower she went to a few days ago...five young ladies from her church are getting married this spring and summer, and all the church ladies put on a shower party for them:) It was a lot of fun!

Then she had to work all day Saturday and Sunday...its a wonder she got to take any pictures of the blossoming, blooming spring!

We are mewing Haiku, Springing Blooms Showing Selfies and Hopping the Blogs, hosted by The Cat On My Head