Monday, May 9, 2016

This Is Our Last Post Here In This Blog We Have 'Moved'! Moving on Sunday Selfie Day!

Meowmy said she was tired of all the work of two now we are tired and yawning too...we will nap here and then we will get ourselves up and moved to HERE.

Hope to see you all over at the new combined blog with our dog-guy brofur!

Our New combined blog is called: Meezer's Mews & Freckles' Woofs

So this will also be the last Sunday Selfie Blog Hop Here...

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See ya !! MIAOW!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Sunday Selfies ~ Take Some Time & Taking Some Time

Yup, we are taking some time to beg you to visit dog-guy's blog to see the most selfies there; these are the fill in ones. Truth be told we are not even at hoe to use the camera to take while you have not seen these, they are stand ins until next time. Sorry they are not the best...
We are on one of those so called staycations...on account of Minkos' needs we had to let the petcretary board us once again, because ln the days of unfurbro-the-younger's graduation exercises from grad school the pawrents were going to be gone long hours, far too long to let poor Minko wait to get his noms and medicines. This is a  diffurent place than we went to in November. The owner of the boarding spot is a vet, and a kitty lover at that:) Most of his practice is devoted to kitties, and he has many roaming about his office, they are the mascots, snoopervisors and greeters. MOL! At night they live in the back rooms, they have lots of cat trees and things like that. But we have our own 'suite'...
This vet also has a new building out back of his practice, it is called Froggie's Pond, and he rescues and shelters FIV+ kitties there. So when we were brought there, meowmy gave him lots of things to help with that venture, such as noms and treats we do not want to eat. It is also a lot closer than the other boarding place...a win-win in meowmy's eyes!

Meowmy the petcretary is working on starting up the combined blog for the three of us...she wants to have a background suitable for kitties and pups.
When it is up and wait...when it is up;  mewing & woofing; she will add links in this blog so you can find it to start following it too. (Then we will only use the original blogs for announcements and such...if at all.)

We; that is meowmy has been out of the loop as it were, since she spent so much time being with furmily...and if that wasn't bad enough fur the furs here, she also missed dog-guy's birthday...well she didn't forget it, she just wasn't around to dogabrate it properly...
So since we started here last week showing all the pictures, this week its his turn, and his birthday one too:)
Pipo, did you hear this rumor about some trip we are taking?

Yes. I see those PTU's, but don't worry, Minko, I didn't hear her make a call to our vet.

Lets just look out the window at the critters and bask in some early morning sun puddles.
I will take care of you, just like when I make sure dog-guy doesn't get too frisky with you.

Look, What's out there?? Lets stay here and watch.
I still love to take my sunbaths, even though I see that set of PTU's...
Maybe if I stay in the shadows meowmy won't find me...

The Newly Graduated Master of Science In Civil Engineering

MJF ~ Helping Unfurbro-the-Younger with his graduation while also dogabrating my 14th Birthday on April 30,2016
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